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Happy Birthday Gail Simone!

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Everyone here at Comic Booked would like to wish a happy birthday to DC’s other Wonder Woman – Gail Simone. From her beginnings as a humour columnist with You’ll All Be Sorry on Comic Book Resources, Simone has been steadily developing a reputation as a writer with a proven ability to handle a wide variety of material. However, she has also been recognized for her sterling efforts as an advocate for causes relating to the comic industry itself. Examples of this include her Women in Refrigeratorslist being an early example and her rallying of support for John Ostrander when he was experiencing Welcome to Tranquility Gail Simonehealth difficulties. Recently she has also joined the exciting Womanthology project (whose contributors include our very own Nicole Sixx, along with a host of others), which aims to spotlight the work of female comic creators. But more than anything, Simone is a storyteller, one whose versatility allows her to both explore the darker side of human nature and still treat readers to bursts of comedic brilliance. Her Wildstorm series Welcome to Tranquility is the perfect example of her ability to mix both light and darkness in her writing. As such, it manages to be humourous and touching, but also thrilling and occasionally disturbing. With Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman, Simone has rescued several characters from Limbo, as well as broadened the appeal of established heroes and villains. That is a testament to her accomplishments as a house creator for DC, and yet it is through original work like the aforementioned Welcome to Tranquility that Simone really shines. So to celebrate her birthday, why not treat yourself to one of the many great stories she has gifted comic fans with over the years. Thanks for the laughter and the tears Gail – you’re one of the good ones.

Wonder Woman #25

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  1. Jordamus Prime 07/30/2011 at 11:26 am

    Happy birthday Gail!

  2. Andy Kirby 07/31/2011 at 4:49 am

    Happy Birthday! I heard her interview on the Uncanny X-Cast. She sounds like such a sweet person!

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