My Comic Wallet

I first wrote about back in August. The unique wallets made from actual comic books. I have been a fan of them ever since then(full post here). This weekend I received mine. Sent as a gift from an dear old  friend and crafted from the cover of the Amazing Spider-Man #622, part of the Guantlet storyline. It features Morbius the living vampire on the outside of the wallet. It’s monster theme came just in time for Halloween. After a weekend of using this wallet, it is showing no wear and has impressed everyone that has laid eyes on it. From friends, to cashiers, to bums asking for money, as soon as the wallet is opened and the unmistakable red and black webbing of Spidey’s costume is visible I am instantly asked about it.


The clear adhesive laminate did not diminished the cover art and the card slots have held up well to a weekend of ID showing and plenty of Starbucks card use. If you are not comfortable with people being curious or jealous of your accessories, perhaps this less conspicuous Batman money clip would be better suited to your needs. For those of us that carry ID, cash, and cards however, the comic wallet is perfect.

I would like to thank my friend very much and urge you to make your money that much more cool by spending some of it, while carrying the rest in the comic book wallet of your choice. After some hands on time with one I can say it will not be the last comic wallet I own. Love it! Pricing starting at $10 for bargain wallets. Custom wallets also available by request at [email protected] or @comicwallet on twitter.

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