Most of the comics out there today are not titles that I would recommend for my young nieces and nephews, mostly due to its content. Comics are aimed more at those in the teenage areas for the most part, so when more comics are being released for all ages, I really enjoy the announcement. It makes it even better when the property getting the comic book treatment is a long-time favorite of mine! And based on the image above, I think you already know what’s coming… Rocky & Bullwinkle! Here’s the official word from IDW:


MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN, ROCKY & BULLWINKLE, and More Return to Comics with IDW
Classic Jay Ward properties will be reintroduced for fans of all ages this fall!

San Diego, CA (April 27, 2013) – IDW Publishing, along with DreamWorks Classics and Bullwinkle Studios, have teamed up to bring Jay Ward‘s classic characters and stories back to comics! Beginning this fall, fans will see the return of Rocky & Bullwinkle, Boris & Natasha, Snidely Whiplash, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and Dudley Do-Right, just to name a few.

jayward_prIn anticipation of DreamWorks Animation’s 3D comedy adventure Mr. Peabody & Sherman coming to theaters on March 7, 2014, IDW will release a comic series. Additionally, IDW is planning a brand-new Rocky & Bullwinkle series for early 2014 release.

While creative details have yet to be announced, there are also plans for reprints of the wealth of previously published comics based on Ward’s colorful characters.

Jay Ward‘s characters and concepts are landmarks in animation storytelling, and they remain as funny and relevant as ever,” said IDW President Greg Goldstein. “The phrase ‘fan-favorite’ is often overused, but in this case, it’s well earned and justified. We’re thrilled to add these brands to our ever growing list of all-ages titles.”

At once hilarious, heart-warming, and ahead of their time, this cast of characters, first introduced by Jay Ward in 1959, have delighted generations of all ages, and needless to say, IDW can’t wait for fans to see their return to comics!



I also cannot wait for this one to return! Rocky & Bullwinkle was one of my favorite cartoons growing up, especially with the diversity of the characters. (Or maybe it was because of a Canadian mountie in there…) Either way, although I’m excited for its return I just wish it was sooner than 2014! What do you guys think?