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Greg Pak Writes Novel On Twitter

Michael Wirth 01/10/2012 Reviews

Have you ever wanted to write a novel? Well, follow Greg Pak’s lead and write it on Twitter.

That’s right. Greg Pak, writer of Planet Hulk and Astonishing X-Men for Marvel Comics, as well as Dead Man’s Run for Aspen Comics, is writing a full blown novel in 140 character bursts. Securing the Twitter handle @GregsNovel for himself, work began on his opus during the evening of January 9th.

The official Twitter avatar of @gregsnovel, Greg PakIt won’t be an easy road, Pak admits, and he’s laid out some ground rules for himself. Firstly, if he were to take the time to interact with his fans and followers, he’s stated that anything preceded by an asterisk will be non-novel related. He’s also promised that anything written to the Twitter will be all original, not prewritten, edited, and good to go. Granted, he will of course be plotting out the events as he thinks of the premise, but what’s on Twitter is all brand new material. Pak has also warned that the Twitter name may change once he’s titled the book. But as of this writing, @gregsnovel is the account name.

As he completes chapters, Pak will be compiling the tweets and posting them to his Google+ page. The first chapter is already viewable for your pleasure.

Greg Pak's Vision Machine Greg Pak is one of the many Marvel talents that really understand social media. He has always been very active on Twitter, always engaging his fans and answering questions. Once Google+ came along, he jumped headlong into the fray, constantly posting and letting fans know about his projects. For artists and writers, social media is an important tool because it gets your work out there in front of fresh ideas. And despite Pak’s history with Marvel, he has plenty of other projects he promotes along his social media outlets, like his creator owned project, Vision Machine.

But Pak’s experiment is also important in another way. What he’s doing helps to illuminate his writing process to aspiring authors. I’m sure there are a number of people who want to write a novel but just don’t know how to start. When they see Pak and how he breaks down his writing technique, tweet by tweet, it may inspire them to decide to simply begin writing.

Greg Pak is undertaking a huge experiment, one that may not work out for him very well in the end. Despite that, I’ll be following the progress as his plot and characters develop. Pak is a true professional and I’ve no doubt that he will see this thing through to the end, no matter how long it takes him. Be sure to follow the process for yourself, and also check out his main Twitter account at @gregpak.

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