I’m Nicole, and it is my great pleasure to bring a little Comic Book joy into your lives every chance I get here on Comic Booked.

However, before I set about opening the door to that wonderful Comic Book realm of ink and chivalry, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and explain what this whole world of Comics means to me.

I suppose it would start back when I watched that great and impressive old Comic Book Movie, Batman Returns. It really does always come back to Batman for cats like us, doesn’t it? Cats, yes, that what really hooked me and I followed Batman and Catwoman into their killer animated series and on to the vibrant colored pages of their Comic Book lives and never looked back.

Of course, as time went on I found myself branching out, into the deeper philosophical realms of Comic Book geniuses like Gaiman and Moore. Comics where the art stole your soul and the words spun your mind.

I left superheroes on the front lines of their Comic Book and Movie fame and instead started gleefully stalking their villainous counterparts, trading out Selina and The Bat for Harley and Mr. J. I still loved the heroes mind you, but oh! The things those villains would do.

Then I began taking in literally whole new worlds in my Comic Book exploration as I ventured out into the broad universe of Science Fiction. Marvel, DC, and of course Dark Horse and their ever vigilant love of Star Wars.

Basically, in Comic Books you can do anything and you can go anywhere, and I can’t wait to take you all with me here on Comic Booked. – N

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