Dark Horse Comics announced Thursday that Brandon Graham, the guy behind King City, Multiple Warheads and Prophet, will grace the pages of Dark Horse Presents in issue #7.

The Prophet series, which Graham is a writer, is spearheading the relaunch of Extreme Studios.

Dark Horse Presents #7 is on sale Dec. 21, and will also contain new Age of Reptiles, Skeleton Key and Hellboy stories.

October 27, MILWAUKIE, OR—Brandon Graham, creator of King City and Multiple Warheads and writer of Prophet, one of the series in the heavily NYCC-hyped Extreme Studios relaunch, will be making his Dark Horse Presents debut in issue #7!

A man loses his voice—his voice goes off to see the world. Years later the man dies and the voice that walks like a man hears the news and returns home. The Voice has to deal with all the personifications of the man’s doubts, secrets, and ideas that are left behind.

It’s got doubts using tuning forks like guns and ideas that smash the light bulbs over their heads like they were bottles in a bar fight,” says Graham.

Graham’s work is widely known and followed through his blog, http://royalboiler.wordpress.com/.