I could almost make a career out of writing about Seattle’s Phoenix Jones this week. A new “villain,” Rex Velvet, released a video taunting the Rain City Superhero. Then Phoenix was mixing it up with protesters in an effort to defend a federal building during the Occupy May Day General Strike mayhem in Seattle. And now this; part motion comic, part music video, part silly sketch and bowling throw down– I present you with the “Phoenix Jones” music video from the band Quickie.

Fun stuff. As the resident Seattle guy here at ComicBooked.com, I try to keep you up to date on all of the Phoenix Jones and Rain City Superhero Movement (#RCSM) news. Sometimes it is triumphant, sometimes it is controversial, sometimes it makes us scratch our heads; but in the end you can’t accuse Phoenix or my city of being boring. This video is an energetic, animated little number from local pop punk band Quickie. The video shows off a playful side of Phoenix that is often overlooked by the axe grinding press.

Phoenix and Purple Reign illustration

We also get to see Phoenix’s partner in justice, Purple Reign, unmasked. This is all great timing, as the Purple Reign Campaign’s charity against domestic violence is about to have a major fund raising event. I praise these people for taking a stand and trying to implement change in their community. Along with the outpouring of support, Phoenix Jones and the RCSM also get quite a bit of criticism and flak from various people, but at the end of the day they are working hard and actually trying to improve their community. What have you done for yours lately?