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Godzilla Returns In Brand New Series!

Skott Jimenez 03/14/2013 Reviews

IDW Publishing has really made their mark on the Toho Universe with their series of Godzilla comics. For the most part I’ve enjoyed the heck out of them. The best part of IDW’s books is the fact they are able to use ALL of the Toho monsters, not just Godzilla, something previous publishers weren’t able to do.

But, on a personal note, I have to admit I’m getting a little tired of constantly having to restart this book every year. I know we are getting new creative teams and each one has more than added some amazing stuff to this Universe but why the need to constantly start over? How many Godzilla #1‘s do we need? Can’t we just keep the numbering and actually have a true ongoing series?

This is what IDW announced on Wednesday:

San Diego, CA (March 13, 2013) – Following Duane Swierczynski and Simon Gane’s run on Godzilla, the fan-favorite creative team of writer Chris Mowry and artist Matt Frank have returned with a new ongoing series kicking off this June, GODZILLA®: RULERS OF EARTH! In the wake of humanity’s war on Godzilla, a host of new monsters will rise up, determined to stake claim on mankind’s greatest asset… the Earth itself!

“While we had a lot of fun with the Godzilla®: Legends series, they were just single issues,” said series writer Chris Mowry. “What we’re doing with this series is giving readers that same focus on monsters that Legends had, while telling stories set in IDW’s established Godzilla universe. Readers can look forward to the return of some of our human cast and the introduction of a number of new ones, but the monster roster is larger than it has ever been, using nearly all of Toho’s film creations to give readers battles never before seen. Many of these monsters having never appeared in the comic book/manga medium, so who better to change that but monster artist extraordinaire, Matt Frank?”

“Whether it be Moguera, Biollante, or Gorosaurus, every Toho fanatic has their own favorite monster,” said series Editor Bobby Curnow. “Now it’s time to see these kaiju in action, and RULERS OF EARTH won’t fail to deliver the goods. It’s been a blast to watch Chris and Matt bring their passion to the page.”

In RULERS OF EARTH, the entire world is opened up to the flying, stomping, smashing terror that can only come from the gnashing fangs, slashing claws, and otherworldly powers of destruction that these giant monsters wield. What will Godzilla do when he’s suddenly not the only giant lizard in our small pond?

The only way to find out is to pick up the gargantuan thrills of GODZILLA®: RULERS OF EARTH when issue #1 crushes comic shops everywhere this June! Not only will RULERS OF EARTH be sporting covers by series artist Matt Frank, but Godzilla fanatics will also be able to find smashing covers byBob Eggleton and comics legend Arthur Adams!

GODZILLA®: RULERS OF EARTH #1 (FC, 32 pages, $3.99). In stores 6/19/13

Now check out some of these amazing covers, one featuring my all-time favorite Godzilla villian Gigan!

Godzilla Gigan

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  1. jeffhillwriter 03/14/2013 at 10:58 pm

    The numbering isn't really that big of an issue for me, just as long as the stories are still quality, I'm okay with it. It is a bit annoying, though… I'll give you that.

    • Skott_Jimenez 03/15/2013 at 1:06 pm

      If it were a series of miniseries that would be one thing but it's supposed to be an ongoing thing, there is no break between series so it does little more than confuse things. I would much prefer have this issue be Godzilla #26 than yet another Godzilla #1. The importance of #1 issues just doesn't exist.
      And yes, as someone who has been reading Godzilla since IDW has had him it's very annoying. Almost enough for me to finally walk away from the book.

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