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“Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead” #0 Available For Download

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What do you get when you cross some of the most beautiful women in the world with a splash of undead and a huge dose of bad attitude? You get yourself one kick ass zombie killing hottie by the name of “Ginger Stein“!

Dennis Willman’s concept of the character Ginger-Stein is really a simple love Ginger Stein Rise Of The Undeasd #0letter to everything that makes the horror and sci-fi genres great, in particular the 1980’s. The spirit of the story is clearly inspired by Romero’s “Dead” movies, “The Evil Dead” Trilogy and the “Phantasm” series of films.

The series as a whole plays with the established “rules” of the genre and turns them on their ear wherever and whenever possible.

Ginger Stein herself is the prime example of this, her character a combination of several different archetypes, especially the reluctant heroine. She’s an independent woman who is in no way defined by the men around her or the pre-conceived notions of what “normal” behavior is. From her gold-hued skin to the leather outfits, Ginger is a character that I hope will stand on her own two feet as a fully rounded, flawed and heroic human being.

Dennis Willman used several amalgamation actresses and models such as Elsa Lancaster, Allison Hayes, Beverly Garland, Sophia Loren, Denise Milani and Cassandra Petersen to name a few.

Willman wanted his creation to stand apart from other female characters in the horror genre, hence the lime-gold/green skin and multi-colored eyes. The white streak in her hair is a nod to Elsa Lancaster in character as The Bride of Frankenstein, which also inspired her name.

At last year’s SAC Horror/Sci-Fi Convention, Comic Book Divas and creator and artist Dennis Willman debuted “Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead” #0, which is a prequel to the upcoming “Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead” #1, set to debut at SplatterFest in Houston. The comic  introduced many of the primary characters including Ginger Stein, Mistress Morbid (Portrayed by Cari Thomas) Nicole Harmony (Portrayed by Deneen Melody) and Apple Zombie (Portrayed by Apple Nicole).

The comic debuted with a special limited edition SAC Horror/Sci-Fi Convention variant cover by Dennis Willman.

Comic Book Divas and Dennis Willman are now making the “Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead” #0 available for digital download at Drive Thru Comics, so you can read your copy on your smart phone, computer and other mobile devices to get your zombie kicking action brought to you by “Ginger Stein”!

Click here to download

(Note: This comic is a Mature Reader’s Title)

In addition, regular hard copies of “Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead” #0 will be available at the Comic Book Divas table at this year’s Comicpalooza convention May 27th-May 29th in Houston, Texas.

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    This looks like it could be extremely gory…more than i can take,that’s for sure.

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