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GHOSTBUSTERS #1 Comic Sells Out

Jeremy Boreske 10/28/2011 Reviews

Following the much anticipated comic launch of the popular franchise, IDW Publishing’s GHOSTBUSTERS #1 has sold out from the distributor. The new ongoing comic series debuted Sept. 28, in comic stores throughout North America, receiving glowing reviews. To meet continued demand and ensure fans everywhere have access to the comic, IDW is rushing a second printing to stores for a release date of Nov. 23.

 “I’ve been involved with a number of sell-outs here at IDW, both as a writer and an editor,” said Ghostbusters editor Tom Waltz. “And I can honestly say this is the one I’m the most proud of, because I know just how hard the creative team worked to make this the success it has become. A lot of blood, sweat, and slime went into the making of Ghostbusters #1 without a doubt, and Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening, Nick Runge, Tristan Jones, and Luis Antonio Delgado have continued to give it their all in subsequent issues. This is a great ongoing comic book series and I salute the creative team for their tremendous individual and collaborative efforts!”

As IDW’s first-ever Ghostbusters ongoing series, fans will be entertained with exciting new stories led by GHOSTBUSTERS: INFESTATION writer Erik Burnham, fan-favorite artist Dan Schoening (GHOSTBUSTERS: WHAT IN SAMHAIN JUST HAPPENED?!), alongside popular cover artist Nick Runge (GHOSTBUSTERS: HAUNTED HOLIDAYS). In addition, each issue will contain two pages of exclusive behind-the-scenes extras by creator Tristan Jones (Tales of the TMNT.)

Fans can check with their local retailer for one of the remaining copies of GHOSTBUSTERS #1, also available at the IDW online store. In this debut issue, psychokinetic energy is on the rise again, and business is booming for the boys. Ray is troubled by what could be a prophetic dream – is this an omen of an upcoming apocalypse, or just a little indigestion?

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