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Getting Ready for Baltimore Comic Con

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Every year I attend the Philadelphia Comic Con… multiple times. I go to this six hour show so much I consider it a monthly event (actually it is about ten times a year). 2011 was the first time I attended two major comic conventions, Wizard World Philadelphia and the NYCC. This year I have attended a few Philadelphia Comic Cons, along with Wizard World Philadelphia 2012 and am now looking forward to my first Baltimore Comic Con.

The Baltimore Comic Con will be held at The Baltimore Convention center. Stan Lee will be the head line star followed by other greats such as Neal Adams, Bob Mcleod, Tom Brevoot, J.G. Jones, and well quite frankly a slew of others. This two day event is fast approaching and rooms in local hotels filled up so quick my companion had to think creatively for our room accommodations. Last year was my first NYCC and I was excited about not knowing what to expect; the Baltimore Comic Convention is turning out to be similar.

One of my favorite comic book shops, Comics to Astonish, also located in Baltimore, will be in attendance. CGC will be on hand to accept comic books to bring back to Sarasota Florida for grading, and Matt Nelson will be there offering his services as well. I mention these because this is where I plan on spending my hard earned cash as I look around each vendor to find out how third party grading has changed the industry.

This will be the thirteenth year for the Baltimore Comic Con, the first Baltimore Comic-Con was held in the Sheraton Hotel as a one day convention in the Baltimore suburb of Towson. A couple years later the convention outgrew its residence and moved to the Baltimore Convention Center as well as expanding to a two day event. I only wonder now with other conventions expanding to four days, will this convention expand to three.

I even became surprised and overjoyed when I found in my e-mail that Valiant would now be attending. The one thing I always loved about cons were that the publishers were there telling me about the new stuff coming out and although the big two only appear in certain conventions I have always loved Jim Shooter’s Valiant universe and this new Valiant seems to be doing what he dreamed, creating good comic books with good art and good stories.

Tickets are still available for either two day admissions or single day admittance. All tickets will be electronic; a print out of your registration using a barcode and photo ID will be needed to gain entrance to the show for those not purchasing a VIP pass, Stan Lee will be posing for pictures and signing autographs for an additional fee. For more information on tickets and a full guest list please click here.  Hope to see you there.


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  1. Raphael Moran 08/16/2012 at 7:19 pm

    Don't forget to save some of that money to pick up a copy of fellow's staff writers comic, Dream Reavers. I'll be signing copies there and NYCC.

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