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George Perez goes BOOM!

Kelly Cassidy 07/08/2013 News

It`s common knowledge that George Perez is one of the most unique and sought after artistic talents in comic books today. For the big 2, he has taken on the task of some pretty hefty chores – remember, he was the artist on DC’s classic Crisis on Infinite Earths. Mr. Perez was also half of the creative team behind The New Teen Titans back in the day (along with Crisis partner Marv Wolfman) as well as doing a fairly significant team-up with Kurt Busiek on a strong Avengers run, but then this due teamed up again to take on the challenge of delivering a story containing every member of the Avengers and every member of the Justice League in the Avengers/JLA or JLA/Avengers crossover series (put your favorite team of choice first). He was also instrumental in launching DC’s New 52 series, being involved with the relaunch of Superman right from the get-go.

Earlier today, Mr. Perez made an announcement via Comic Book Resources that he will be working exclusively for BOOM! Studio as a full-time employee. Some individuals are wondering why he would look at BOOM! and not return to the familiar stomping grounds of Marvel or DC. When asked, Perez stated the following:

[quote]Many of the characters I grew up with were turning into strangers whose adventures were determined by factors that had less and less to do with what made a good comic story and more to do with how these properties can be exploited for other purposes. There’s nothing wrong with that, I guess, but not something that I felt was particularly satisfying for me as a storyteller.[/quote]

Perez has publicly voiced what many others have noticed going on in the industry today – stories are at times taking a backseat in order to set up the stage for what could be the ability to deliver content in other mediums, such as television or movies. (Take a look at Marvel’s example with Nick Fury…)

Perez goes on to say that one of the reasons that he went to BOOM! is that their approach was one such that it would allow him to return to what he loved.

[quote]When I was approached by BOOM!, they offered me a chance to work on something I wanted to do, something they hoped would rekindle the creative spark that I felt was being squelched these past few years… Also, I liked talking with Ross, Filip, Matt and the whole BOOM! editorial staff. These guys love comics with a passion and it really felt like I had stepped back in time, back to the days when editors and creators were the main architects of the stories presented on the multi-colored pages we call comics. They made me feel like a creator again.[/quote]

With this announcement, Perez will be working on a number of new initiatives, but as he builds up to those projects he plans to participate in existing BOOM! properties in whatever way he can… and with his artistic talent and notoriety his contributions will be significant.

We wish Mr Perez luck with his new endeavor, congratulations, and we look forward to seeing what he has on the horizon for his new projects and the creative freedom it sounds like he’s going to have!


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  1. jeffhillwriter 07/09/2013 at 12:16 am

    Glad Mr. Perez found a home again. He sounds happy. Hopefully he can make them some money and keep some of his fans happy as long as possible. I don't buy Boom! Studios books, but I might have to start now that they've got him locked into a contract. It sounds like a potentially great partnership for both the company and the creator.

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