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Garth Ennis Short Film “Stitched” to Become an Ongoing Comic Series

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Remember back before San Diego Comic-Con, I wrote a preview article about what Avatar Press had in store for convention goers?  One of the many treats that they had lined up was a screening of the short film Stitched, that was written and directed by comic legend Garth Ennis (Preacher, Hellblazer, The Boys, and SO many more).  It turns out that Stitched is to be more than just a film.  Avatar has announced that they will be publishing an ongoing Stitched comic book, written by Garth Ennis with art by Mike Wolfer!  Here is the announcement, in their own words, from the Avatar Press website:

“The Stitched film introduced a cast of stranded pilots and commandos, struggling through the mountains of Afghanistan and pursued by both Taliban fighters and strange, undead assailants.  Adapting and building upon the film premise, the comic book series explores the root of this supernatural evil and the extent of its reach.  Ennis explains, “Our heroes are up against not just inhuman monsters, but the very human evil that guides them.”  The Stitched, glimpsed in the short film for one unnerving battle sequence, are part of a much bigger and nastier picture.  “They’re essentially undead war machines.  They’re animated and controlled by a specific process; their masters have been in conflict for a long time and have learned to use the dead as weapons.


“Mike Wolfer, whose atmospheric, gritty artwork brings Ennis’ creative vision to life, elaborates on the ongoing series: “The first issue of Stitched is an expanded adaptation of the short film.  Issues #2 through #6 will adapt the screenplay for the full-length feature which Garth has written, and after that I’ll be scripting new material based on the premise established in the first story arc.”  Regarding the future direction of the Stitched storyline, Wolfer says, “Without giving too much away, I can tell you that the Stitched threat is not relegated only to war-torn Afghanistan.  That’s where this modern terror has its roots, but we’re going to find that those roots go back centuries, and they are directed by subversive, human intelligence.”


“The Stitched comic book series launches with a #1 issue conceived by Garth Ennis, and adapted from the original film script by writer Mike Wolfer.  Featuring interior and cover artwork also by Wolfer, Stitched #1 is recommended for mature audiences for violence and strong language, and will be available through Diamond Comic Distributors’ Previews September catalog with multiple cover variants…”


Avatar Press Stitched #1 cover 

Can you say “hell yeah?!”  If you ask me, fall is the perfect time for some horror comic goodness; the nights get longer, the leaves become decadence on the sidewalks, and Halloween to boot!  There’s nothing quite like tucking into a great horror comic on those dark and dreary autumn nights.  Avatar really has us covered this fall!  Not only will Stitched be dropping, but be on the lookout for the FREE Crossed weekly web comic series in October as well, not to mention the plethora of other great Avatar Press comics.  Be sure to check them out!  Check back in with me here at Comic Booked for future Avatar Press reviews and news.  Fall just can’t arrive soon enough.

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