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Gamer Pulse: When Life gives you lemons, demand to see its manager.

InfaPlat 12/17/2011 DO NOT USE

Ahoy internet! InfaPlat here with another week of Gamer Pulse. As Kyle has already mentioned, this year’s Holiday season seems to be more about pushing the big titles that are already out, rather than announcing new ones, but that’s not such a big surprise.  This time of year is usually a time to reflect , and more importantly, to spend money.  That said, some interesting stuff was  announced this week. So lets get right to it!



While certainly not official, one of the biggest wishes (at least one of my biggest wishes) is to be able to play Skyrim online. Not an MMORPG mind you, but something like the not so recent Neverwinter Nights; a chance for friends to get together, explore the world, and maybe do a bit of role playing between one character and another. GameFront, a news, reviews, and file sharing site for gamers has been working on a new mod titled simply Skyrim Online. A test module is already up for download on their site.  According to the author, the mod was created to “play with your friends, chat with people worldwide, trade with other players”. It still has a lot of work before it can be considered remotely finished, but [A sentence just like the others was written here…but then it took an arrow to the knee]. Here’s a look at it below; the launcher is available for download here. 


Under New Direction

According to a report over at Cnet, Dan Coyner, the design and marketing lead for the original Xbox and 360, will not be returning to his position for the next generation of Microsoft console. Instead, he will be replaced by Emma Williams, who assisted with the launch of the new 360 interface.  Williams joined Microsoft’s team in 2003, and her current position is General Lead of Xbox Experiences. This is the woman behind the more social, hub based design of the Xbox interface.

The new face of Xbox Live

Since the new console is scheduled for released in 2013 it gives me that much more time to mess around with the new interface. And by mess around I, of course, mean try to find ways to bring it down from the inside using only my bubbling hatred of it as a guide.  In all honesty, I will be interested in seeing what the future holds in store for the console. What do you think?



Final World of Pokemon Fantasy

Whether it’s following in World of Warcraft’s footsteps, or joining in on Facebook’s Change your Picture into a Pokemon month, Final Fantasy XIII-2 released a new trailer demonstrating player ability to catch monsters for use in battle. Have at it, and remember..Life can be a c..Forget it.

[viddler id=28ead973&w=437&h=288]


Dad, Are you Space?

Seen above, a quote from one of my favorite Portal 2 characters. Seen below:  New York City’s Astor Place Cube, all bundled up for winter. Students from California’s Institute of Technology gave the cube this makeover and left behind a note as well, also seen below:

New York City's Astor Place Cube

The note left behind by Students from California's Institute of Technology

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