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Gamer Pulse: They’re Back!

InfaPlat 10/07/2011 ZDONOTUSE

Despite the loss of a great visionary, New York Comic Con being right around the corner, and the unannounced absence of Gamer Pulse, this week has been fairly slow, at least in terms of gaming news. However, your Infamous Platypus has scraped the metaphorical ice cream scooper along the bottom of the carton and has scrounged up a bit of information worthy of this week’s Gamer Pulse. Don’t fret, readers; I have a feeling next week will be more like a double deluxe banana sundae… and now I want ice cream.

Skyward Sword: Soundtrack and Opening

Coming as a surprise to absolutely no one after Nintendo’s E3 announcement and their similar treatment of Super Mario Galaxy 2, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will have a completely orchestrated soundtrack. This was confirmed during a play session of Link’s latest adventure through the land of Hyrule.

This is not the only Skyward Sword news to come out of this week. The official Japanese site posted the game’s opening cinematic. Since then, a fan translation has been released. You can watch below but be warned: SPOILERS LURK!

Mass[ively] Effect[ive] Multiplayer Rumor?

Perhaps the biggest surprise this week was a pamphlet released by South African retailer BT Games for Mass Effect 3. This pamphlet touts that the game will come completeMass Effect Multiplayer? with an “Online Multiplayer Pass”. Does this mean that Bioware has finally decided to add multiplayer to it’s science-fiction epic? We don’t really know. Bioware and EA haven’t exactly been forthcoming with this information, so the best advice we can give right now is to wait and see.

As far as the poster goes? Well, a mention of an ‘online pass’ isn’t exactly indisputable evidence either. There was , if you’ll recall, an online pass of sorts included with Mass Effect 2 as well, though it was only for obtaining special downloadable content. Whether or not Mass Effect as a series would benefit from mutliplayer has been the topic of hot debate for a while now. What do you think?

Team Bondi Shuts Its Doors

Moving on to a more disheartening topic, Team Bondi  is closing its doors, according to documents filed with the Australian Securities and Investments Comission. You may recognize them as the creators behind LA Noire. It was confirmed that a liquidator has been appointed to sell off the remainder of the developer’s assets.

This sad news follows an overall positive reaction to the team’s top creation, which was received well by both critics and fans, earning a score of 8.5 from IGN. The game topped sales in the US, UK, and Japan for it’s opening week, and even managed to set a few records.

Team Bondi's LA NoireHowever, at the crux of the success was the trouble with Team Bondi head Brendan McNamara, who was accused of enforcing strict unpaid overtime on his team. These practices caused publisher Rockstar Games, known for their work on the Grand Theft Auto franchise, to drop Team Bondi, leading to the eventual shut down of the developers.

Code Red?

According to Destructoid, a Spanish Sony representative has confirmed that Uncharted 3, set for release on the first of November, will include an online pass code which will be required to access online content. That’s not all.

The representative went on to say that all online content released by Sony from this point on will require you to input an online pass code in order to access it. What this basically means is that if you plan on playing multiplayer on any Sony game, you’d best prepare your keyboard or get really quick with the letter/number selector on your controller.

It is likely that Sony is implementing this measure to prevent buyers of used, or traded games from being able to access all of the content that a new game would have to offer, similar to EA’s strategy. But is this really fair? On the one hand it could be argued that companies like GameStop, which make most of their profits on used or traded in games are taking money away fromUncharted 3: Drake's Deception developers. On the other, is it really fair to the customer who may not be able to afford a game at full retail price to deny them the extra content? Thoughts?

Huge Success

Finally, to follow up on Kyle’s Portal obsession, I have a bit of news for you all. Portal 2 DLC! In “Peer Review” you play co op as robots P-Body and Atlas, matching your puzzling skills with Portal’s very own “Deadpan snarker”. That’s right, GLaDOS is, predictably, still alive and still formulating new ways to kill you and a friend in the most interesting manner possible. Peer Review also offers single player, and challenge modes. This totally, 100% free DLC is now available on Xbox 360 and PS3, as well as from Steam. Sadly, if you’re reading this and don’t have Portal 2, you’ve already just missed Steam’s sale, offering 50% off of it’s normal retail price of $29.99.

But, don’t let that get you down. Go. Play. I’ll be here when you get back with another edition of Gamer Pulse, I promise.

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