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Gamer Pulse: The Aftermath

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With New York Comic Con behind us, and BlizzCon in full swing, we here at ComicBooked have plenty of video game news ripe for the picking for this week’s edition of Gamer Pulse. But what could possibly be more exciting than Blizzard announcing it’s new WoW expansion at the opening ceremonies of it’s convention? Well, nothing really, but I do hope that some of the news I’ve wrangled up for you this week at least comes close. Some of the most fun I have in writing the weekly Gamer Pulse is in deciding what to report on; what will our readers care most about? What was most important this last week? As always, we at ComicBooked love to hear from you. Did I miss something you thought was super awesome? Please; Tell me by commenting below!

Blizzard Loves Us , This We Know

Not being quite off of my World of Warcraft hype just yet, this first tidbit comes straight from the halls of BlizzCon.  In order to maintain their already high Warcraft player base, Blizzard is offering an absolutely sweet deal that would come as a no brainer to anyone still playing WoW and loyal to all things Blizzard. For a limited time, those with a full copy of World of Warcraft registered to BattleNet can purchase a 1 year subscription to the game. In return, they will not only receive a beta invite to the next expansion, but will also get a digital copy of Diablo III totally free. Not only that, but you will also get a special mount added to each character you have, or will everBlizzard's sweet deal make. The best part of this deal is that you can pay for it as a reoccurring charge of $14.99, which is exactly how much you would be paying to keep up a monthly subscription to WoW in the first place.  Keep playing a game I planned to play anyway, and get beta access and Diablo III as an added bonus? Win-win.

Assassin’s Creed & The Silver Screen

Video game movies. Love them or hate them, the idea has always been intriguing. At least to me. How to take something that you have an active role and investment in, and change it to something passive; allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy. What makes video game movies fail as often as they do, and what game would make the best movie? These very questions have been the subject of more conversations than I can count, but I digress. Ubisoft Motion Pictures and Sony are close to working out a deal to begin a film franchise based solely around our Assassin’s Creed ‘heroes’. This comes at the end of a six month bidding war between Sony and other companies, such as Universal, reports Variety.

So what do you think? Can they take this awesome game and make an awesome movie franchise, or is this doomed to the same failure suffered by so many other games turned movies?

Enzio in Soul Calibur V

Speaking of…

And while we’re on the subject of Assassin’s Creed, look who decided to join the ranks of Soul Calibur V‘s playable characters. None other than him..yes him, Enzio.  Namco Bandai officially announced the inclusion of our second favorite Italian protagonist after rumors began to spring up following an image depicting his character in the game.  Enzio will be included in the collectors edition of the game, and will have access to, among other things, a crossbow, hidden gun, roman long sword, and a stiletto. Are you looking forward to it?

Strike Packages

The Call of Duty franchise has always been a fan favorite among hard core gamers and insolent 12 year old brats alike, but a video of Modern Warfare 3 depicting a new system of gaming that could change the way multiplayer works in the game has found its way onto the internet. The new dynamic; Strike Packages. Strike packages come in three flavors:

  • Assault , for the standard set of offensive kill streaks
  • Support, for the less offensive kill streaks (though these won’t reset upon death!
  • ..and Specialist, which earns no kill streaks , but unlocks perks per every 2 consecutive kills.
This new mode of operation will add spice to a tried and true system. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Create on the Go!Oh , hello Portal 2!

And what kind of person would I be if I didn’t continue Kyle‘s tradition of leaving you off on the latest Portal news? Valve has recently announced plans for Portal 2‘s next round of DLC. The content? An in game editor that will allow players to create and share both single player and co-op levels of their own design. There will also be an option to “vote” on player crafted levels.  How awesome is that? In a press release, Valve said that the content is still in its developmental stages. The plan is for it to be released “early next year.”  Valve stated that the DLC would be available on PC/Mac as well as consoles, but one wonders what this means for the Xbox360, which lacks Steam Support.  Are you looking forward to this new DLC?

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