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Gamer Pulse – Black in the Saddle

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With the bulk of the Fall 2011 releases behind us (speaking of which, check out my Super Mario 3D Land review), it’s no surprise that we’re seeing lots of more interesting and exciting news. It’s that time of year where information about the next wave of major games starts coming to us. There are a ton of great games on the horizon, some that we know about and some that are still dwelling in the shadows. Let’s take a look at everything that’s gone on in the industry in the last week or so.

Game Informer's January 2012 covering announcing the new South Park RPGGoin’ Down to South Park

Yesterday, Game Informer broke their next cover story: a new South Park RPG, tentatively titled South Park: The Game. Details are a bit scant, but here’s what we know so far:

  • Series co-creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, will be writing the game’s script and recording all the characters’ voices.
  • THQ and Obsidian Entertainment will be working together to develop and publish the game.
  • The game is tentatively set to be released later next year.
  • Players will control a new character who will be able to interact with the townsfolk and explore many South Park environments.

Anything beyond that is pure speculation, really. We’ll know more about the game once this issue of Game Informer hits stands. As a very long-standing fan of the series, I’m really interested in seeing what comes of this game. At the very least, I hope it’s better than the first-person shooter released back in 1998.

The logo for Valve's Steam serviceWin Free Stuff from Steam

In keeping with their usual holiday awesomeness, Steam has announced their first holiday special. For the forseeable future, Steam will be randomly choosing ten users each day to receive the top ten games on their Wishlist. They had a similar deal last year. So, how can you win ten free games from Steam? It’s simple:

  • Register for a Steam account, if you don’t already have one.
  • Make a Wishlist that has at least ten games in it.
  • Visit the product page for Steam’s current Daily Deal.

That’s all you need to do. No word on when the contest will end, but, if memory serves, last year’s Wishlist giveaway ran up until the Steam Holiday Sale started.

Battlefield 3 Cover ArtBattlefield 3: Back to Karkand Releases Dated

BF3 players anxiously awaiting the first expansion to the game rejoice. This week, EA announced the release dates for the much-desired Back to Karkand expansion pack. PS3 players get early access to the pack on December 6th. XBOX 360 and PC players will be heading back to Karkand one week later on December 13th. Back to Karkand will be free for all users who received the Limited Edition pre-order version of Battlefield 3. For those who weren’t so fortunate, the pack will cost you $15.00 or 12oo MSP, depending on your platform. Back to Karkand will add a host of new content to BF3: new weapons, vehicles, and maps as well as a new multiplayer mode.

An old GamePro coverR.I.P. GamePro

On a sad note, one of the industry’s longest-standing publications, GamePro, recently announced the end of their print magazine. Game Pro Media will still cover special events like E3, but the bulk of GamePro‘s coverage is now officially defunct. It has been quite some time since I last read GamePro, but it was the first gaming magazine I read as a wee youngin’. Thanks for all the memories, GamePro, and thanks for helping to connect me to the world of gaming.

The logo for rock band QueenRock Band Rolls out the Red Carpet for QUEEN

Anyone who knows me in real life can attest to my intense devotion to the Rock Band franchise and Harmonix. I’ve been a devoted plastic musician for over four years, and I’ve been exclusively playing Rock Band for the last three years. With content rolling out literally every week since the game’s release (and twice per-week since the Rock Band Network launched), it’s hard to get excited about songs. Except when those songs are from QUEEN! Harmonix announced that eight more QUEEN songs will be headed to Rock Band on 12/6. Here’s the list:

  • Seven Seas of Rhye
  • Stone Cold Crazy
  • I’m in Love With My Car
  • You’re My Best Friend
  • Long Away
  • Bicycle Race
  • Don’t Stop Me Now
  • Radio Ga Ga
  • The Show Must Go On
In shear excitement over this, I went ahead and made a YouTube playlist of all these songs. Check it out below!

Titanic Rendered in Cry Engine 3

Eat your heart out, James Cameron. A group of gamers recently posted a demo video to reddit showing the latest build of their very own Titanic. You know. THE TITANIC. The model is powered by CryEngine 3, the powerful game engine used to develop Crysis 2. It’s not often that I find myself at a loss for words, and this is one of those rare occasions. Check out the beautiful rendering of the doomed cruise liner below:

Fun With Uncharted 3 and Skyrim Patches

Patches were released this week for a couple of big games.  First off we have the expected Uncharted 3  patch that adds alternate weapon aiming options and a cutscene viewer, as well as small changes to the multiplayer interface and gameplay.  Check out the Naughty Dog website for details.  Bethesda issued a patch for their new hit game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  The patch was meant to fix a plethora of issues, but many users have encountered new problems after installing it, and it might be best avoided for the time being.  A new patch is already in the works and will be released next week.  Check out the Bethesda blog for details.

Portal Bedroom

Let’s be honest, you know you weren’t getting out of here without me mentioning Portal. This video of a son showing off the amazing Portal-themed bedroom his dad made for him has been making the rounds on the Internet this week. I’m green with envy:

That’ll do it for Gamer Pulse this week. Thanks for reading, and, as always, stay tuned to Comic Booked!

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