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Gail Simone Returns to Deadpool!

Cal Cleary 01/05/2014 News

Gail Simone has been writing comics steadily for well over a decade, now, but readers could be forgiven for not realizing that she’s done work well beyond DC, where most of her work has been published since 2003.  In fact, one of her earliest success stories was on Marvel’s Deadpool, before Deadpool was the perennially popular madman he is today.  Simone’s work on Deadpool and Agent X was never collected until now, and her frequent clashes with Marvel editorial eventually drove her away from the company, but her brief stint with the character has gained a cult following.  With Deadpool receiving renewed focus (and a wedding issue that sees short stories from Fabian Nicieza, Mark Waid, and many, many more), it makes sense to bring Simone back into the fold.  That’s right: Gail Simone will be writing for Marvel for the first time in ten years!

While Simone has written steadily for DC’s New 52 – an unexpected firing or two aside – the work just hasn’t been up the her usually high standards of quality, in my opinion.  While her recent foray into Dynamite with Red Sonja has brought a little bit more life back to her work, it feels like she’s needed a recharge for some time.  In many ways, it was Simone’s brief run on Deadpool and Agent X that really helped her career take off and got her a lot of mainstream attention.  I’m genuinely excited to see if she can recapture the loose flow of darkly comic casual violence that made some of her early work such a joy to read.

With Simone’s early work on Deadpool finally being reprinted this January and Simone returning to the character that made her a star after a decade away from Marvel, it seems like many of her longtime fans will have a lot to look forward to.  Simone is a fantastic fit for the Merc with a Mouth, and hopefully this will lead to more team-ups between Simone and Marvel in the future.

We’ll see you – and maybe Agent X – in April for the wedding… and then in May for the annulment.

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