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Gacey Arrives At Comic Booked

Comic Booked Guest Writer 07/17/2011 Features

It’s one in the morning. The sound of rain against the worn cloth that makes up my tent fights for attention with the sound of the carnival winding down outside. The laughter of children is falling to the wayside and the ring leader is finishing up his final tour of the side show. As I sit here writing, I can still smell the strong odor of cotton candy. You might think is a wonderful smell, but when you spend day in and day out amongst this rag tag group of freaks and creatures, you’ll probably change your mind. It might get old for most, but it still keeps me entertained til this day. It’s home, and these bearded ladies, crocodile men, and other people abashed from the world are my family.

Alright, snap back to reality. I’m actually sitting at the desk in my one bed room apartment in California, but if I had it my way I’d be in that tent amongst the odd people of the world. At this point, you might be wondering who I am. Such an off-tilt intro to an introduction article could only be offered to you by one man: Mr Gacey. The name is a good sign of what I’m into. Mostly things of the macabre and horror variety, but I do love to indulge in the realm of the geeky. But I suppose that goes without saying, otherwise I wouldn’t be one of the newest members on this site.

While I may not have the largest knowledge of comic book history, I do love the medium. I’ve always loved comics, even though I may not have been able to buy them all the time. My earliest memory of the medium would have to be before I was nine. I remember tracking down issues of the Knightfall arc of Batman. Batman’s back being broken was really my first introduction to the whole genre. I also vividly remember trading some of those issues to a friend to get the collected version of the death of Superman. What a way to enter the comic world, right?

The other big instance of finding love in the comic genre was when I discovered The Crow. Of course I had seen the movie first, which led me to experience the amazing story telling of James O’Barr. I’ve always dabbled in certain comics, reading some X-Men, Spider-Man, and a variety of other major titles. It was the way these stories are told that made me choose this medium as a way to tell my own stories.

I’ve always been able to draw, and comic books allow me the ability to tell big budget stories without having to have the cash money to back it. Who needs Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp when you can draw your own star actor for that story? Maybe you can’t afford the best special effects studio to make your film all artistic and grainy, or create the visual of New York City being eaten by a rock monster, but in the comic world all you need is a good artist to create those visuals. That is why I have been drawn to the books that we read.

So what brings me to Comic Booked? When I saw that they were seeking writers, I just had to throw my hat in the ring. While drawing is my first passion, I’m also a writer. The ability to create a visual with words is just as exciting as creating a visual with my art. So I’ve been accepted among a group of amazing people who encourage and support each other. It gives me a reason to read more of the books I love and transfer my enjoyment to other people. Comic Booked allows me to read comics, play video games, review movies, and any other fun and creative things that might spring to my twisted little mind. The great thing about it all is that the team is more than supportive. So how could anyone turn down the chance to be a part of this website?

The next question you have to ask is what can you expect from the guy with the twisted make up and the creepy name? A lot. Though I tend to dwell in the realm of horror, I’m so much more then that. I do read the cute comics, the super heroes. I play the action games where you can put a sniper shot through your fellow players head from behind a wall during, but you can’t count out the ones that involve an Italian plumber, or a fluffy pink ball that likes to inhale random objects for power.

So I guess the best answer to that question is, expect the random and unexpected. The one thing I can guarantee you is a lot of fun. I’ll always try to write articles that keep even those with the worst case of attention deficit riveted! We’re going to have a lot of fun at this carnival, so grab your friends and find a ride to get your heart racing. I’ll be over in the tent next to the cotton candy machine.


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    Welcome aboard! Love the artwork by the way.

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