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Furious Outrage: Lost Comic Book Series!?

Nick Furious 02/20/2014 Features

How has it been this long and still nobody has stepped up to do a Lost comic book series?  Comic Booked has covered this territory before (which you can read here), and our friends over at Comic Book Daily wrote a superb article that really pulled me back into the subject (you can also read that here). So why do I feel the need to bring this up once again? I am so glad you asked…

Since the last time we wrote about Lost getting a comic book series there have been some other big name TV shows that have been added to the “TV to comic book format.” Sometimes shows that got cancelled before their time: X-Files/Doll House/Jericho/etc. And then sometimes we get more stories from shows still going on, such as, Dexter (yes it recently ended but it had comics well before the final season), Once Upon A Time, Castle, and now recently announced Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne. I like good TV as much as the next guy, but do we seriously have a Revenge graphic novel, before we have a Lost comic book series!? I can’t be the only one that is furious about this, right!?

where is my Lost comic book seriesIt isn’t like there isn’t plenty of story opportunity. It isn’t like the splash pages wouldn’t be absolutely breath taking. I won’t go into all the details about where the series could go, and the characters they could use, or the fact that it can take place in literally any time frame, but those are definitely a plus, are they not!? IDW thrives off taking geek franchises (Star Trek, X-Files, G.I. Joe, Transformers, etc) and making them magnificent. Dark Horse has done great things (Mass Effect, Star Wars), but the company I would really like to see get a hold of Lost? No not Image (I would be the happiest man in the world if that happened) because they would never take on a property like Lost. No I would like to see another small time company that is doing big things, that’s right I am talking about Dynamite EntertainmentHornet, Battlestar Galactica, Evil Dead, everything they take a swing at, they knock it out of the park. Why not Lost, Dynamite? If Disney is just gonna sit on this property and not let Marvel take a crack at it, give it to someone who will!

We have a guy that used to write for Lost and he is crafting one of the greatest comic book series of all time, maybe you have heard of it…that’s right you have heard of it because EVERYONE has heard of Saga! Brian K. Vaughan could be a guest writer for the series! Hell Damon Lindelof (co creator of Lost) has even dabbled in comics, so maybe he could do a guest spot? Not to mention about a million other people who would kill to get a chance to write the series. Lost had such a huge fan following it blows my mind that no one has stepped up to the plate! When is someone going to take us back to the island? We have to go back. We have to go back!


Where is my Lost comic book series?!

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