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Friday Night Magic (5.18.12)

Tseng Fayt 05/20/2012 ZDONOTUSE

Coming in at a predictable pace, the additions to the Standard roster of cards provided by the latest booster set Avacyn Restored, we are starting to see things match up in exciting new ways for deck builders. The mash up of new cards into older deck builds are quickly becoming a volatile recipe for exciting events like our weekly Friday Night  Magic.

Dominating the Top 4 bracket this week were “Rainbow Frites” (5 Color), RUG Control, Red/White Humans and Red/Green Agro. A slight change in the local meta-game, we are starting to see an increase of win conditions that benefit from reanimation and the ‘Undying’ mechanic. However, with control being only have a step behind the pace of “Rainbow Frites” we still observed quite a few game changing moments that pushed the players down to the wire.

Friday Night MagicFollowing up the Top 4 bracket we had a fairly even split between control and aggro seeing deck lists like Esper Spirits, Red Deck Wins, Black/Blue Control and Red/Green Ramp which gave way to a great Top 8 round. The battle between Werewolves, Spirits and Humans was a vicious one but only one victor could be crowned as the Wizard of (during 5.18.12 – 5.25.12) — Brett Best. Bringing up the rear and dubbed our Wizard Who Needs Help! (during 5.18.12 – 5.25.12) is Jessie Nunez. Both players are entitled to special rewards and promotions during the week they are crowned.

Thanks again to all of our players that make every Friday Night one filled with Magic, stay tuned until next week!

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