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Free Darker & June Promo Book!

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Small press publisher Darker & June Entertainment is making their bid for comic book glory, and to help encourage you to get on board with them, they’ve released a free promo book pdf with samples of all three of their projects. Ruin is coming off a successful Kickstarter campaign, with Wicker having just launched and Gutter Town coming up. The simple dropbox download also gives the option of getting your hands on a folder filled with single pages and images from the works. Last but not least, the pdf includes a preview of Colonus, a book which features art from the same artist on Ruin, and will soon be hitting the pages of Dark Horse Presents!

colonus and ruin free promo book

My take: I love the scratchy lines and neon colors in Ruin: Runner’s Blade. As the protagonist hunts down a renegade robot with an illegally removed chip, it’s hard to ignore the similarities to Blade Runner, but the obvious name suggests there’s no deception, they aren’t tying to hide that from you. Colonus has been in my kitchen for a while now, but I wish it made it to my plate sooner, because the idea is immediately intriguing. In a future where Earth has been abused and abandoned, humanity split into two sides – those who colonize Mars, and those who fled to Venus. After three generations of separate growth, these two factions of humanity are about to come in contact with each other again. I’d be curious already without even seeing the visual art. Speaking of, it’s almost kind of an Arturo feature book, as he draws both projects which get the most real page time. I think he’ll fit right in at Dark Horse, his work even has a bit of a Hellboy feel to it.

free promo comic

There’s only a page or two each on Wicker and Gutter Town, between the pdf and image folder downloads, but more is to be found at the previously mentioned Kickstarter page.

colonus and ruin free promo book
That’s all my dog thinks about too!

Here’s the link to the free promo book, and while you’re here check out some more of our amazing small press coverage!

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