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Fox Announces Gotham TV Series

Darryl Mansel 05/08/2014 Movies and TV

How long have we been waiting for something like this?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox announced Monday that television series Gotham is a go and has been greenlit for 13 episodes. Starring Ben McKenzie (Southland Tales) as a young James Gordon, Gotham will chronicle the tale of the titular city in its days before The Batman.  This should present Gotham City starting its decline, just before the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

I hope that wasn’t a spoiler for anyone. Check out the trailer for Gotham.

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The show also stars Donal Logue (Sons of Anarchy) as Harvey Bullock, Jim Gordon’s partner, and Jada Pinkett-Smith as Fish Mooney, a crime boss and nightclub owner.  Other characters that have been cast are Alfred Pennyworth, The Penguin, Barbara Kean (who will later become Barbara Gordon), The Riddler, and Selina Kyle.  Over the years, the various movies have shown us the relationship between Gordon and Batman; this show could be the perfect vessel to reveal the interaction and possible mentorship that Gordon can depart on a young Bruce Wayne.

It remains to be seen what the format of the show will be.  Gotham could be a refreshing break from the various cop procedural shows that drench the networks presently.  There’s 75 years of material that Fox can mine to make this a rich and fascinating universe. Could the Falcone crime syndicate see its rise to power?  Is there a possibility that we could see the return of The Narrows, a section of Gotham shown in Batman Begins and then discarded for the other two movies?  There’s enough crime and shadiness in that area alone to fuel a completely separate show. Undoubtedly, Gotham will draw comparisons to both Smallville and The Arrow as far as origins stories go; only time will reveal which show delivered the best adaptation.

What are your thoughts on the trailer and the upcoming series?  What do you hope to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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