Everyone and their mother has played at least one of the Forza games. Whether it be Forza for the original Xbox or Forza 2 for the Xbox 360 everyone has played it. Well, to those of you who haven’t because you are waiting for a new installment to get into it, WAIT NO MORE! Turn 10, TopGear and Microsoft have come together to make yet again another Forza game, yes Forza 4. It is slated to hit shelves on September 1st of 2011.  Forza 4 will have support with the Kinect as well as classic controls that we have all come to love from the first Forza’s. There isn’t really any juicy details released about the game except that it’s suppose to be the top racer for this year.

Forza was Xbox’s answer to the popular title “Gran Turismo” for the Sony Playstation. Forza put gamers in cars that they wanted to see now. The players were able to get a grasp of the feel for Forza very quickly without having to do pointless license tests. Nothing against the Gran Turismo licenses but they were pretty tedious and if you don’t have enough skill to obtain a certain class of license you were stuck. Forza is able to be played by the nonchalant player or that very hard core player and is able to be enjoyed by both parties. If you wanted to get in depth with your customizations you could, if you wanted to just skip the mods and make your car look cool that could be done as well. Even if you just want to play the game without making any adjustments to your car, and still win, that is possible as well.