Zenescope Entertainment has a new MUST READ series for you.  Raven Gregory has really let you get in his head this time.  A new story that can relate to many peoples’ lives and may have you curious about being able to FLY yourself.

What if I told you there was a drug that gave you the power to fly?  How far would you go to possess it?  What would you do to get your next fix?  Would you give it a try knowing it’s highly addictive and could cause your death?  It’s a story that follows three young people, Eddie, Francis, and Danielle, who become exposed to a new drug called Fly. Eddie Patron is trying to live a normal life, even though it’s a bit broken down.  His secrets  haunt him and keep coming back for more.  And just when Eddie thought he’d seen it all, his nerdy and rich friend Francis Keiser introduces him to the drug FLY.  Eddie is on the run from his past and he desperately needs to figure out a way to help his former girlfriend kick the habit before it kills them both.

Raven Gregory, writer of  THE GIFT, the Wonderland trilogy, co-creator of Rex Mundi, and The Waking… brings you THE new ongoing tale of horror where the superheroes aren’t heroes at all.

Cover Gallery for Issue #1  by Superstars Eric Basaldua, Ale Garza, Eric J, Tyler Kirkman, Artgerm, and Mike DeBalfo

This story gives you insight about a drug that can alter your power in amazing ways.  But Raven Gregory gets inside the minds of people that have been devastated by addiction and shows how it truly can change the environment you’re surrounded by.  It hits close to home for the writer, as it has many references to Raven and his wife’s personal life and their battles with substance abuse throughout the years.

“This is a very personal story for me” says writer/creator Raven Gregory. “Addiction is something that has affected my life in different ways for many years and writing this story was the perfect outlet for my battle against the disease. I’m so proud of this story and I’m thankful that Zenescope had the balls to publish it.”

USA Today writer Brian Truitt called it “an insightful tale that delves into the consequences of addiction and observes what happens when superpowers aren’t all that super.”

Raven Gregory hasn’t let us down with a story yet and I only see him flying to the top with this new series!  If you’re a fan of his work, you had better grab tight and FLY with him, because you’re going to love this new story.  It’s not often a true story comes out that can touch your life and leave you with the knowledge and controlled curiosity that can structure you.  Raven leaves us with both and promises fans so much more!

Check out the FLY trailer here!

We absolutely recommend this series and can’t wait until the next issue arrives.  You had better get up and FLY to your local comic store zenescope.com and pick up this series today, you don’t want to miss it.

As Always, Keep your eyes where they should be, in a comic book~Smiles, Brieanna