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Flash Rebirth Trade Review

Comic Booked 05/05/2010 Reviews

Flash RebirthSo last week the hard cover Trade of the recent Flash Rebirth story arch made its retail debut. This of course collects all six issues of Geoff Johns’s & Ethan Van Sciver’s tale of the original Flash, Barry Allen making his return to the DCU. I read and collected all six issues as they came out at my LCS but still wanted what I think will be a milestone story arch in a collected trade edition.

I won’t recap the story here as many have read it but should you need a recap, check out this Flash Fact.
Overall the story is there and it was kind of good to re-read this story arch and catch some of the details that I missed before while reading the issues one by one separately. The story is printed on the nice premium glossy paper that is associated with most trades these days. Towards the back we get full-page reprints of all the variant covers that were offered throughout the series.

Additionally we get a very cool explanation or “Proposal” of the entire Flash Rebirth story line, written by Geoff Johns. It’s actually pretty good to read as it goes into depth explaining the intention and direction that Geoff and DC had envisioned for the return of Barry Allen and the other speedster. Also towards the end of the write up there is printed a censored section that I assume proposes to DC the future event of the Speedsters with Barry at the center. A few lines have been censored as shown here and then finishes up with Flashpoint which has already been revealed by DC. Makes one wonder what’s in store for the Flash.
After this we are provided preliminary sketches and art by Ethan Van Sciver. I have always been fan of Van Sciver ever since his work on Green Lantern Rebirth. The cool thing here other than seeing some of Ethan Van Sciver’s art work, and some deleted pages/panels is that we are shown some rough sketches of costume variations that he tried out for the Flash, but didn’t seem to make it. I always like seeing this type of creative style and process from both artists and writers.

However in my opinion the coolest thing about this trade is a somewhat hidden gem. Take off the paper cover from the book and on the front of the hard cover is a great gilded picture of our favorite speedsters. I say this cool little gem alone is worth the retail price of $19.99, simply cause if you wait for the cheaper soft cover edition of the trade you’ll be missing this cool piece of iconic art. Overall a must buy even if you bought the issues of Flash Rebirth one by one. -Victory

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