Still craving a bit more Batman this weekend?  Can’t find your favorite ​Batman and Robin​ post?  Here’s a recap of Comic Booked’s Flash-Bat Week coverage, helping you gear up for​The Dark Knight Rises​.


Flash-Bat Week: Batman (1966) : David “The Exile” Vandervliet kicks off the Flash-Bat Week movie reviews with a look back at the campy 1966 classic.

Flash-Bat Week: Batman (1989) : Jordamus Prime’s take on “Tim Burton’s now classic gothic superhero masterpiece” and its ability to stand the test of time.

Flash-Bat Week: Batman Returns (1992) : Anne Sisk tries to get past the unintentional creep factor brought on by Christopher Walken and Danny DeVito to appreciate Burton’s continuation of a series.

Flash-Bat Week: Batman Forever (1995) : Joel Schumacher’s ​Batman Forever​ took Burton’s stylish Gothic world and flipped on the neon lights.  Jordamus Prime tries to come to grips with that – and the rest of this goofy turning point in a series gone astray.

Flash-Bat Week: Batman and Robin (1997) : James Victor Von Halstead takes one for the team and tackles ​Batman and Robin​ in all of its Batnippled glory.

Flash-Bat Week: Batman Begins (2005) : Christopher Nolan starts fresh by starting over in this darker – and significantly better – approach to​Batman​.

Flash-Bat Week: The Dark Knight (2008): Michael Wirth loves​The Dark Knight​ because it’s a comic book movie with a purpose, a film with nuanced characters and interesting plot developments that redefined the superhero movie.

Review: The Dark Knight Rises *Spoiler Free* (2012) : Nick Furious weighs the successes of the final ​Dark Knight​ installment against both its predecessors and the movie it needed to be.

Flash-Bat Week: Batman Film Villains : Troy J-Koi Dreiling gives a rundown of the villains of ​Batman​ – the hits, the misses and the desperate-to-forgets.

Why The Dark Knight Ruined Comic Book Movies : Zach Story insists that ​The Dark Knight​ has ruined audience perception of comic book movies – and lives to tell the tale.

Batman Recommends: How to Keep Busy Until Dark Knight Rises : Kim Petty gives you a Top Ten list of ways to entertain yourself until ​The Dark Knight Rises​.

The Dark Knight Rises…After a Rough Night With George Clooney : Zach Story’s drinking game is the only way to make it through ​Batman & Robin ​with sanity – but not sobriety – intact.


​Required Reading:

Required Reading: Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score : Before Anne Hathaway portrays her on the screen, understand Catwoman better through this gritty and realistic relaunch of the character.

Required Reading: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986) : Take a look back at the graphic novel that helped redefine ​Batman​ – and that stands up as an example of exceptional graphic storytelling in its own right.

Required Reading: Knightfall part 1 : Understand Bane as a smart, driven and capable opponent to Batman through the the ​Knightfall ​saga.

Four-Color Flashbacks First Appearance: Bane : It’s rare that a modern villain sticks like Bane has – his longevity and popularity set up in this origin story of both the character and the struggle between Bane and Batman.