The cosmic mishap that caused Johnny Storm to become the Human Torch happened to Johnny when he was still  a teenager. Like most young adults (even super powered ones) Johnny’s attentions were divided between two things, romance and everything else. Over the years the Torch has carried a torch for all kinds of ladies. Super powered, human, or even alien Johnny Storm seems to have had only one type. Ladies.

From jealousy toward Spidey to a love triangle with the Thing, drama was never in shortage. The addition of dating out side his species only served to exacerbate these love tragedies.

While our hearts break knowing Johnny is not longer with us ( see Comics Breaking! – Extinguishing The Human Torch by Nicole Sixx) lets take a look at some of the heart breaks of Johnny’s life.

Dorrie Evans: Dating Johnny in the early on Dorrie was a source of jealousy and showboating. Although she grew weary of his powers. Young and full of fight Johnny even gets jealous of puny Peter Parker. The couple was doomed from the start with Dorrie wanting Johnny to be a down to Earth normal guy.


Crystalia Amaquelin: The Inhuman with super powers of element manipulation. She manipulated Johnny’s heart and fought along side the Fantastic Four. Ultimately she chose Quicksilver over the Torch.


Nova (Frankie Raye): Meeting the Torch before she new about her own flame powers, Johnny and she dated acting like a couple of normal humans. This was not to last as she regained the memory of the chemicals involved in the making of the original Human Torch being spilled on her as a child. This led her to become another Human Torch. Frankie would leave Earth and Johnny behind for cosmic employment as herald of Galactus.


Lyja: After dating humans and Inhumans why not date a Skrull? While Johnny was unaware she was a Skrull he did believe her to be Alicia Masters, girlfriend of the Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew, the Thing. The romance survived the strain of the Thing and even survived the realization that she was a Skrull. Johnny believing he was going to be the proud parent of an Skrull egg. A marriage annulment, a fake hatched child,and even more Skrull stalking led Lyja to finally opt out of chasing Johnny.


Namorita: Being an Atlantean and cousin of Namor (who has ad a crush on Johnny’s sister) didn’t stop old match stick from publicly dating her. Her water ways didn’t seem to be any deterrent at all. Unfortunately Namorita came with a lot of clone baggage and like Johnny actually ended up with a Nova (not Frankie) of her own.


Lover and fighter the Human Torch has been around the block a few times. While these love connections (and many more) didn’t pan out, many fans still hope for a Torch return and for Johnny to love again.