Friday Feburary 10th, DC Comics Released on The Source Blog the Earth Two #1 Variant cover with art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. Showcasing three heroes we all know very well sporting very different looks, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman fighting a wave of what looks like Darkseid minions. Also sporting a new look is Power Girl. In the first glimpse we see of her since the New 52 Relaunch, the Worlds Finest #1 cover gives us a look at DC’s Second Wave. In the next round of relaunched books we can expect to see Parallel Earths come to the forefront of the story. Considering Power Girl’s origin has always been that of another dimension’s Supergirl, it makes sense that she make her appearance in this way. Alongside her we will see the Huntress, which may be our answer to the question of whether her mini-series took place on Earth 2. Enjoy your first looks, and check back with Comic Booked as we follow DC into its multiverse journey for the Second Wave of heroes and villains.

Earth Two is written by James Robinson with art by Nicola Scott and World’s Finest written by Paul Levitz with art by Kevin Maguire and George Perez are set to debut in May.

You can let us know what you think about the alternate looks for DC’s Trinity and about Power Girl’s more covered up appearance in the comments section below, or head over to the forums and really sound off on your opinion.