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First Look:Amazing X-Men #1

Nick Furious 07/22/2013 News, ZDONOTUSE

Pretty sure it was just three days ago I was tipping my hat to Marvel for keeping dead characters dead as of late.   But if they are going to bring back any dead X-Men character I am glad it is Nightcrawler, who is easily my favorite X-Man of all time.  Amazing X-Men appears to be yet another X-title; I can only imagine that it is replacing Astonishing especially when it will have basically the same exact cast.  But Ed McGuiness on an X-Men book?  Sign me up!  Here is the official press release:


In the wake of the Battle of the Atom, the X-Men’s greatest assemble for a mission beyond the grave!


This November, Wolverine leads the charge for the soul of Nightcrawler in Amazing X-Men #1, a bombastic new series from superstar writer Jason Aaron and blockbuster artist Ed McGuinness!


When Nightcrawler sacrificed his life to protect mutantkind in the cataclysmic Second Coming, a hole was left in the X-Men’s rank that has never been filled. Not a day goes by when any of the X-Men does not mourn the “heart and soul” of the their family—and  now they’re going to do something about it!


“Nightcrawler has always been my favorite X-Man, so I’ve been planning this story for years now, going all the way back to Wolverine and the X-Men #1,” explained Aaron. “I’m thrilled to be bringing Nightcrawler back to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. Of course it may not be much fun for the X-Men, once they realize what they’ll have to go through to rescue their friend.”


With Wolverine at the helm, Storm, Beast, Ice Man and more journey into the unknown for their greatest ally!


“Get ready for the most epic book at Marvel, where every arc is an event!” said senior editor Nick Lowe. “X-Fans know Jason Aaron, but I can’t wait until they see Nightcrawler fan #1 Ed McGuinness’ incredible first X-Men book!”

As deadly forces await, will the Amazing X-Men’s first mission also be their last? Find out this October, as Wolverine and his new team test just far they’re willing to go to for a friend in Amazing X-Men #1!



Written by JASON AARON

Art & Wraparound Cover by ED MCGUINNESS


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  1. jeffhillwriter 07/23/2013 at 1:48 am

    If this is a light-hearted X-Men book, I'll probably get it. Not a huge hater of Jason Aaron (for some reason, almost everyone on the planet hates the guy) and I LOVE Ed McGuinness. Oh, yeah. And Nightcrawler. He's pretty awesome as well.

  2. Emma_Kathryn 07/23/2013 at 5:12 am

    I do like Nightcrawler

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