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First Look: Serial Artist

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If you can’t get enough killers in your comics, here’s a first look at what should be a sickly tale, Serial Artist. Needless to say, this one is a bit on the mature reader side. The basic setup:

Known as a bastion for challenging graphic fiction, Markosia Enterprises has given a home to the genre-defying photonovella Serial Artist; the chilling story of a fine arts gallery painter who has declared to the world that the subjects of his paintings are his murder victims and that all the clues necessary to solve his crimes are hidden in his works of art. Approached in the fumetti style, the 152 page graphic novel was photographed and painted by Netherlands-based artist Kevin Storm and written by American creator Robert Randle, who also provided the artwork for the Serial Artist’s controversial paintings.

It’s one part fast-paced murder mystery, one part mind-bending meditation on the decay of Western Civilization, and one part tour through the roiling psychosis of a disturbed young painter. Mix in the guiding hand of the I Ching, render the illustrations using Adobe Photoshop, and you get Serial Artist, a four-part, underground graphic novel that strikes uncomfortably close to home.

Gruesome! You’ve also gotta love the taglines:

A Darkly Existential, Multi-Faceted Crime Epic With A Disturbing Premise

That Could Be Ripped From The Headlines… Any Day Now.

Serial Artist 1

A free seven page preview is available via pdf, and also on iVerse Media’s ComicsPlus app platform.

serial artist 2

Arrogant asshole types usually come in one of two varieties. Either you love seeing them get away with it, or you love to see them get what they deserve. Which one will this be?

The Serial Artist soft cover will debut in March 2014 retailing for £14.99p / $18.99 and will be simultaneously released digitally in both graphic novel format for $4.99 and as four individual chapters for 99 cents each through ComiXology, iVerse, DriveThruComics, and other platforms. Additionally the Serial Artist graphic novel will be available on the Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google play, Nook, and iBooks.

Consumers wishing to place pre-orders can do so on Markosia’s website. Retailers seeking wholesale purchases should contact Quick Comics for US or Canadian based stores or UK Comics for those based in Europe. Exclusive editions can also be created for interested parties.

 Think Serial Artist looks good? Check out more from Markosia!

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