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First Look: Secret Avengers #25

Nick Furious 03/19/2012 ZDONOTUSE

What is it with the Avengers letting every single person on the Avengers!?  Yes, I know Secret Avengers isn’t Avengers, but look at the roster; it is pretty much Avengers.  I don’t mean to hate on Secret Avengers and I absolutely love the idea of Flash Thompson making the roster, but this “elite” team is getting pretty ridiculous.   I sure hope Avengers vs. X-Men does something good with this team soon, and with Rick Remender I see good things coming.

Marvel is proud to present your first look at Secret Avengers #25, from the red-hot creative team of Rick Remender & Gabriel Hardman. The Descendants live by a simple creed: Serve Father. Protect The Core. Kill all Avengers! Against all odds, it’s up to Hawkeye’s fractured team to stop this superhuman threat from achieving their sole objective–contagious robotic evolution! To what lengths will the Secret Avengers go to save all humanity as we know it? Find out in Secret Avengers #25hitting comic shops everywhere and the Marvel Comics app, this April!

Rick Remender has had really good runs so far on Venom and Uncanny X-Factor, so there’s no doubt he will make something good out of Secret Avengers. Marvel is putting a whole lot into their Avengers titles, even going so far as to revive the Dark Avengers idea that come about after the Secret Invasion and during Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign. But what will Remender have for fans that will make this title different? Why should we buy this over the other ten Avengers titles on the shelf? I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what Remender’s hook will be.






Rated T+…$3.99

FOC –3/19/2012, ON SALE – 4/11/2012

By Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman


By Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman


By Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman


By Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman


By Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman


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