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First Look: Incredible Hulk #8

Nick Furious 05/04/2012 Reviews

Am I the only one who notices that even though the Hulk is now bald, he always has hair in the cover artwork?    That has to be something that the editors know is happening right?   I know front page artwork is not exactly cannon by any means, but I feel like they can at least be honest about the Hulk’s hair situation.  Well from the looks of it, Hulk and Punisher are gonna come face to face and fight a bit, and then stop the drug cartel.   I never get sick of moments where Frank does something brash like shoot Hulk in the face numerous times.  You would honestly think that Castle would have the brains to know bullets aren’t gonna phase Hulk by now.    I love the Hulk, to death but the bald Hulk thing just isn’t doing it for me.  It didn’t bother me with Colossus or the some of the other characters, but Hulk just looks goofy now.

Your First Look At INCREDIBLE HULK #8 – Stay Angry!

Marvel is proud to present your first look at, Incredible Hulk #8, from the fan-favorite team of Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon!  Dive right into the Green Goliath’s next epic as Stay Angry erupts pushing the Incredible Hulk and his raged-induced fury to its limits! The criminally insane Bruce Banner has thrown Hulk into the middle of a murderous drug war and Hulk is forced into action; but with villainous mob of this stature- Frank Castle is never far behind! Its all-out war, as the Jade Giant faces off against The Punisher who faces off against a cartel in a brawl that no fan will forget!


IncredibleHulk_8_Preview1IncredibleHulk_8_Preview2IncredibleHulk_8_Preview3IncredibleHulk_8_Preview4No fan can miss Hulk’s struggle for survival, in the explosive opener of Stay Angry; kicking off in Incredible Hulk #8, hitting comic shops, the Marvel Comics app, and Marvel Digital Comic Shop this May!
































































Written by JASON AARON



Parental Advisory…$3.99

FOC –5/7/2012, ON SALE – 5/30/2012







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