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First Look: Incredible Hulk #7.1

Nick Furious 04/20/2012 Reviews

I could not love this cover page more. What an amazing way to depict the anxiety and frustration, let alone the fear that the Hulk brings to Banner. Not to mention the same exact feelings that Banner brings to Hulk. Although the artwork isn’t exactly as  awesome as what we usually see from Jefte Palo, I have seen much worse. Anyone that knows anything about me knows that my favorite Marvel character of all time is the Incredible Hulk. He is a character unlike any other in the entire Marvel Universe. Add stories by Jason Aaron and you have a recipe for one appetizing story arc!

Although I don’t think it really gets better than Planet Hulk, I will wait to see where this story takes us, as Aaron has been known to change my mind on things before. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he did it again. They are calling this issue a new jumping on point, and I highly recommend you jump on board if you haven’t already. They already have too many Hulks to keep up with, so a jumping on point is always appreciated! This is a good one if you want to know about original Hulk, Bruce Banner. Good luck with the rest, as even I have trouble remembering which Hulk is which these days!

Your First Look At INCREDIBLE HULK #7.1!

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Incredible Hulk #7.1, from the superstar creative team of Jason Aaron and Jefte Palo. Whatever happened to Bruce Banner? Red She-Hulk knows and is determined to make those responsible pay. In this great jumping on point for fans new and old, dive right into one of the most exciting comics of the year just as Aaron ramps up for his epic rage-induced arc, “Stay Angry.” The Jade Giant hits his breaking point,but what will this mean for Bruce Banner? Find out in Incredible Hulk #7.1, hitting comic shops everywhere, theMarvel Comics app  and the Marvel Digital Comic Store this May!

Incredible Hulk 7.1 Preview Cover

Incredible Hulk 7.1 Preview 1Incredible Hulk 7.1 Preview 2Incredible Hulk 7.1 Preview 3Incredible Hulk 7.1 Preview 4



































































Written by JASON AARON



Rated T+…$3.99

FOC –4/23/2012, ON SALE – 5/16/2012

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