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First Look At Marvel’s X-Club

Michael Wirth 11/03/2011 Reviews

The X-Men’s braintrust will have the spotlight to themselves this December. Brought to you by writer Simon Spurrier, who has written extensively for British comics and has numerous novels under his belt, and artist Paul Davidson (New Mutants, Age of X), X-Club will allow the scientists of the X-Men to strut their stuff in their own series.  Starring Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries and the others, X-Club is bound to be full of intense action, all in the name of science.

Art by Nick BradshawThis December, fight fire with physics as Marvel is pleased to present your first look at X-Club #1 from writer Simon Spurrier and artist Paul Davidson! The X-Men’s team of supreme scientists have finally created the world’s first elevator….TO SPACE! But just as they’re about to launch this majestic innovation, chaos erupts and the X-Men are to blame. It’s up to Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries, Dr. Kavita Rao and Danger to clear their name before the experiment backfires. No fan of the X-Men can miss X-Club #1!

Want to find out more about the X-Club? Head on over to and see what Spurrier had to say!

Ever since Beast’s fall out with Cyclops and he left Utopia, the X-Club has been the science whiz-kids of the mutant world. They’ve been forced to step up their game to solve some pretty weighty issues, such as the danger of Utopia falling into the ocean. It’s good to see that Marvel is recognizing their worth to one of their hottest franchises and giving the X-Club a chance to hold their own.

My only question is will the book have more of a science tone rather than a science fiction feel? While I understand that Simon Spurrier probably doesn’t have dual PhDs in astrophysics and metallurgy or whatever, but most of the X-Men writers have been able to create situations for the X-Club to deal with that don’t feel like they’ve been swiped straight out of Star Wars. Will Spurrier continue with this mode of storytelling, or will the X-Club have to deal with more unbelievable issues? I really hope he keeps the science as grounded to reality as possible as I’ve been enjoying that aspect of the story.

X-Club #1 hits stores in December.

X-CLUB #1 (OCT110690)



FOC – 11/7/11, ON SALE 12/7/11

Art by Paul Davidson

Art by Paul Davidson

Art by Paul Davidson

Art by Paul Davidson

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