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First look at Cover of Uncanny Avengers

Zach Story 07/07/2012 Reviews

By now you’ve most likely heard about Marvel‘s reboot that they swear isn’t really a reboot. I keep hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s voice in my head: “IT’S NOT A REBOOT!” a la Kindergarten Cop. Well, we could argue the semantics of what constitutes a reboot all day, but now is not the time. Whatever it is, it’s called Marvel NOW! and the flagship title is Uncanny Avengers with story by Rick Remender and pencils by John Cassaday (welcome back to Marvel!). I’m left to assume from that title that AvX will end with a big “hug it out” session followed by Wolverine promising to join MORE teams than ever before while bringing along some friends. Here we get the first look at the supposed Uncanny Avengers lineup which features Captain America, Wolverine, Scarlett Witch, Rogue, Thor and Havok. More than anything, I’m excited to see Scarlett Witch on a team again. I’m curious though… how long will it be before this team realizes they share an abbreviation with pee tests? All I’m saying is that a “UA” tower in NYC might cause some confusion!

Marvel NOW! First Look At The Cover To UNCANNY AVENGERS #1!


This October, dive headfirst into Marvel NOW! as the superstar dream team of Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force, Venom) and John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men, Captain America) deliver high stakes action in UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 – sporting a jaw-dropping cover by Cassaday! No fan can miss the blockbuster debut of an all-new Avengers team featuring members from all across the Marvel Universe…a team uniting Avenger and X-Man alike! But following the devastating events of Avengers VS X-Men, can Captain America pull together a team that can get along for its first mission? Plus, Uncanny Avengers #1 is the first title to sport the all-new Marvel NOW! cover design!


“We’re no longer going to be locked into where our logos are placed, which has traditionally been the top third of our covers, and we’re going to start to look at our covers with an eye towards strong design and commerciality above all else, explained Marvel Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada.  “What’s going to attract the reader’s eye, what’s going to make them want to buy that particular title? That’s the first question our artists and editors are going to ask themselves.”


Also! Every new issue with the Marvel NOW! branding comes packaged with a code for a FREE digital copy on the Marvel Comics app.


And that’s not all because readers will be able to take the Marvel NOW! experience even further by unlocking access to exclusive behind the scenes extras utilizing special augmented reality technology with the Marvel AR app powered by Aurasma. This is exciting bonus content that you cannot access anywhere else!


Have you joined the Marvel ReEvolution? Join the conversation on Twitter with #MarvelNOW!


For more on MarvelNOW!, please visit!




Art & Cover by JOHN CASSADAY


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