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Figment #1 – First Look Announcement

Ryan Legenzoff 03/19/2014 News

If the box office draws are any indicator (and while we still wait to see what exactly is going on with Star Wars), Disney’s acquisition of Marvel has been one of their most successful collaborations in mainstream entertainment lately. And now the two creative empires have joined forces on a more public level via Disney Kingdoms, pairing Marvel Comics up alongside Disney’s Imagineers to create comics the house of mouse can call their own.

And when Disney aspires to create a new hit franchise, they always start with their theme park rides… this time around Journey into Imagination (located in Epcot’s Imagination! Pavilion) serves as the inspiration for Figment, their new five part miniseries.

Set in early 20th Century London, Figment’s steampunk-inspired story seems set to reintroduce audiences to both the gleefully inquisitive purple dragon (whom is the series’ namesake) and his creator, the enigmatic Dreamfinder.

[blockquote] “Can you imagine the never-before-revealed origin of one of Disney’s most creative characters? Can you picture a Marvel spin on the Epcot® Theme Park’s mind-expanding attraction, Journey Into Imagination?  Have you ever wondered how the inventor known as Dreamfinder created a certain inquisitive purple dragon?” says editor Bill Rosemann. “Be prepared for all of these answers–not to mention amazing creatures, magical lands, and cool clockwork contraptions–in FIGMENT!”[/blockquote]

figment comic

We can only hope that come June, Figment #1 will help our imaginations truly take flight!

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