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Fiction Friday: Writing Contest Deadline Announced

Jeff Hill 06/13/2014 Features

Hey, folks!  I’m proud to announce the FINAL deadlines for our First Annual Fiction Writing Contest!

Get your submissions in NO LATER than: Friday, August 1, 2014.

That way, we have plenty of time to peruse all of the last minute entries and give you all a fair shot at being crowned the winners of our very first fiction writing contest!

Forget the rules?  Check them out here.  And remember, we added another bonus for submitting.  Check that out here.  As always, you can leave your questions in the comments section here or email me directly at if you’d rather have your question be answered in a confidential manner.  It’s still anyone’s game.  Do your best.  WRITE your best.  And have some fun while you’re at it.  Hope to hear from all of you this summer!

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Jeff Hill is a moderately reformed frat boy turned writer/teacher living the dream in Lincoln, Nebraska. He does freelance work and writes fiction, none of which is about corn or the husking of corn. His work has appeared in over a dozen publications and his mom has a binder full of printed copies for any doubters. Plus, he's the Chief Creative Officer of Comic Booked. So that's pretty neat, too.

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