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Fiction Friday: “Roses in the Bathtub” by Jeff Hill

Posted on Jun 20, 2014 by in Features | 0 comments

Fiction Friday

June and July are flashback months, so this is a fun “Flashback Friday” edition of Fiction Friday. ┬áThis is a poem I wrote and got published while I was in high school.


“Roses in the Bathtub”

Poetry by Jeff Hill



She told me our love was undying,

But in the end it was not.

She said I just wasn’t trying,

She couldn’t give me what I sought.

Never before have I felt so at fault,

As when she decided to drown her sorrow.

That night our love came to a screeching halt,

The roses in the bathtub meant no tomorrow.

I couldn’t look her in the eye,

Never wanting to open up.

Day after day and cry after cry,

Her tears would fill my cup.

We were only seventeen years,

And already we had chose.

Despite our childish fears,

That our flower would be a rose.

She went first,

Then I was supposed to go.

As we rehearsed,

Like Juliet and her Romeo.

I valued life,

More than love.

And put down the knife,

When I saw a dove.

Roses in the bathtub was your favorite part,

I ruined it all and don’t feel bad.

For you and maybe for your heart,

But not for the life I almost didn’t have.


This work originally appeared in From the Depths in 2004.

Next week, we’ll continue our fun trip down memory lane with some more flashbacks of poetry from the following year in the same publication.

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