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Fiction Friday: “Long Distance” by Jeff Hill

Posted on Jun 27, 2014 by in Features | 0 comments

Fiction Friday

June and July are flashback months, so this is another fun “Flashback Friday” edition of Fiction Friday.  This is another poem I wrote and got published while I was in high school.


“Long Distance”

Poetry by Jeff Hill


As I ran to class today,

I slipped and I fell.

It was such a great way,

To start out my living hell.

I was at a new prep school,

And I didn’t know a soul.

I had fallen into a pool,

That became a black hole.

I was late to every class,

And didn’t understand a word.

But someone in fifth period ripped ass,

Which was the finniest thing I’d ever heard.

My teachers were all fine,

But the classes were a bore.

Now I’m waiting in line,

For food at the cafeteria store.

My dorm phone is across the hall,

And my day has been a waste.

I wonder if you’ll call,

But don’t worry or make haste.

It’s not like I need you,

You aren’t ever going to be here.

Though I wonder what you’re up to,

And if you’ve shed a single tear.

We’ve been apart for a few days,

But still it seems like years.

I still think there were better ways,

For me to face my fears.


This work originally appeared in From the Depths in 2005.

Next week, we’ll continue our fun trip down memory lane with some more flashbacks of poetry from the same year in the same publication.

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