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Fiction Friday: “Believe” by Jeff Hill

Jeff Hill 04/11/2014 Features


Flash Fiction by Jeff Hill


He comes at night. Not every night, but most. The worst part isn’t the stares he gives me. Not even the things he sometimes does. No, the worst part is that no one believes me. They never do.

He’s here right now.

I tried screaming the first dozen times, but no one ever came. They just walked right by. “That’s just the crazy girl in room 218,” we’d occasionally hear over my cries and his panting.

He has a knife this time.

My roommate never showed up for school in the fall. She would have believed me.


Originally published in Microhorror in 2011.

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About The Author

Jeff Hill is a moderately reformed frat boy turned writer/teacher living the dream in Lincoln, Nebraska. He does freelance work and writes fiction, none of which is about corn or the husking of corn. His work has appeared in over a dozen publications and his mom has a binder full of printed copies for any doubters. Plus, he's the Chief Creative Officer of Comic Booked. So that's pretty neat, too.

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