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Fiction Friday: “20 Years” by Jeff Hill

Jeff Hill 02/21/2014 Features

“20 Years”

Flash Fiction by Jeff Hill


2,420 arrests. 2,314 times I pulled my gun. 19 times I shot at someone. 14 people I killed. 13 who deserved it. 1 who didn’t. 7,300 nights of drinking to excess. 3,650 days of wishing for something else. 7,000 days of service. 300 nights of purposelessness. 32,915 lives saved. 13 lives snuffed out. 1 without reason.

1 day until retirement. 25 years of service. 39 lifelong friends. 436 respected men and women dressed in blue. 17 watching from above. 1 watching from below. 26 surrogate kids. 93 reformed junkies. 2 family members who refuse to give up hope. 93,941 standing city folk. 1 man. 1 speech. 1 regret.

20 years, and all I care about is the 1 that got away. 20 years, and all I care about is you.


Originally published in Apocrypha and Abstractions in 2012.

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About The Author

Jeff Hill is a moderately reformed frat boy turned writer/teacher living the dream in Lincoln, Nebraska. He does freelance work and writes fiction, none of which is about corn or the husking of corn. His work has appeared in over a dozen publications and his mom has a binder full of printed copies for any doubters. Plus, he's the Chief Creative Officer of Comic Booked. So that's pretty neat, too.

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