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FCBD 2012 Bullet Previews #4

Skott Jimenez 05/03/2012 Reviews

This is our fourth, and final, look at some of the books being offered at stores across the country this Saturday. Keep in mind that not all stores will have these books but many will, my goal here was to give everyone an idea of what to look for, and hopefully check out, on Free Comic Book Day.
Check out parts One, Two, and Three for more previews, as well as all of our Free Comic Book Day coverage for even more titles! This last part is all Marvel and DC. Starting with the stars of the hour: The Avengers which, no doubt, many of you are reading this while getting ready to get in line for tonight’s midnight showing of the highly anticipated movie. It’s certainly going to be a busy weekend!

Originally presented as The Avengers #12.1 (June 2011) this book continues setting up an event hinted in the first year ofAvengers the current Avengers series: The Ultron War. First mentioned on that infamous wall chart in The Avengers #5 this moves the Ultron situation forward a little bit.
The whole thing begins with Spider-Woman investigating something alien and ends up captured by the Intelligencia who have discovered an unknown energy source locked within the body of a Spaceknight. The Spaceknight, it turns out, was from the previous Annihilation: Conquest event in which Ultron lead the Phalanx in an attempt to take over part of the universe. It’s a great story, one that saw the return of Adam Warlock, and it well worth reading. So, The Avengers show up, a nice fight ensues and the energy withing the ‘Knight wakes up and reveals itself to be Ultron! It’s back on earth and before the Avengers can stop it, it disappears leaving Tony Stark a little shaken up because he knows what will happen next!
But now the question is what will be left of the Marvel Heroes in the wake of Avengers Vs. X-Men?

This all-ages book features stories based on the Green Lantern and Young Justice series that are part of the DC Nation animation block on Cartoon Network. If you’re enjoying these programs then this is for you!
Green Lantern, along with a Red Lantern, are trapped in a pocket dimension with a mysterious captive and must find a way to escape back into the regular universe! In Young Justice a few of the team members are working cases with their mentors, cases that might have a common denominator in this story that will continue in this month’s Young Justice #16!
On the flip side, Superman Family Adventures features the creative team of Tiny Titans as they take on the Man Of Steel in all-new, kid friendly adventures. While no date is announced here, this will be a new ongoing series starting sometime this year! Probably one of the funniest jokes in this one was the comment about Superman’s new outfit. Fans of Tiny Titans or parents looking for a safe Superman book should certainly look at this one.
…I just can’t get over that new DC Comics logo…ugh…

Now, before we begin this one I have to admit: I am not a DC Comics reader. I’m even less interested since the reboot late last year. However, if you are a reader of the New 52, this is a book you should grab because it has some very interesting information of the origins of some specific, and curious, characters including Pandora, the woman in red and the other two…well, let’s just say some of the stranger questions about their origins are answered here!
This one shot also begins to set up stories that are sure to be continued in various New 52 titles as well as the first event in this new universe!
Also in this book are some previews of the Second Wave titles, already on sale, including G.I. Combat, Batman Inc., Dial H For Hero, World’s Finest, and more! This is the ground level for the Second Wave and this is one not to be missed by regular readers of DC’s New 52 especially if you want that always important peek at The Trinity War!

As part of the 50th Anniversary of the ever-Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel is doing a graphic novel as part of the Season One series. It’s basically another retelling of the origin of Spider-Man set in modern time, again. Seems like they do this every 5 years or so now.
This offering is your chance to check out what this graphic novel is going to be like but if you’ve already checked out the ones for the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Daredevil then you are probably already on board for this one! So, if that’s the case you can check out this teaser to tide you over for it’s full release later this month!

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