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Fantastic Four Movies Finally Get Mole Man

Bill Ivie 05/02/2014 Movies and TV

Marvel movies have become known for teasing the comic book lovers in the crowd.  The writers have proven very adept at inserting character names in discussions and backgrounds that make the knowledgeable fan sit up and take notice.  Sometimes it is subtle.  Other times, it becomes a part of future plots.

It looks like The Fantastic Four reboot will be a bit more direct with the fans.

Fantastic FourAccording to Hollywood Reporter, Harvey Elder will appear in the movie and Tim Blake Nelson is in talks to play the iconic bad guy.  All signs point to the role remaining simply as Elder but sets the stage for the arrival of a super-villain that has yet to grace the big screen.

Indeed, it appears that Marvel will finally give the fans Mole Man.

Mole Man is a villain that lives in Subterranea, a network of tunnels running beneath the surface of much of the Earth.  He developed creatures known as Moloids and used them in various attacks against the world, often thwarted by the Fantastic Four.

Tim Blake Nelson, meanwhile, is returning to the world of Marvel.  Nelson played scientist Samuel Sterns in the 2008 version of The Incredible Hulk.  It seems that Nelson best fits the Marvel world when he is playing an antagonistic character.

It is interesting to note that, until now, there has been no discussion of the rights associated with the character.  Fox Studios owns the rights to the Fantastic Four but Mole Man stretches beyond that.  The character has shown up in story lines involving the X-Men and the Avengers.  While Fox also holds the rights to X-Men, Avengers is a Marvel property.

For now, fans can rejoice that Harvey Elder will take the screen in the initial Fantastic Four reboot and opens the door for the arrival of Mole Man in the (hopefully) near future.

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