Fifty years ago today, a new era in comics began. Out on newsstands across the country, kids looked and saw a new comic book with THE FANTASTIC FOUR emblazoned across the top of the cover in bold, red letters.

From that single issue, an entire universe was created.

The story goes that Stan Lee wanted to get out of writing comics. He’d been doing it much of his life and was tired of writing ‘garbage.’ He wanted to do something else, something meaningful. At the behest of his wife, Joan, he created a new kind of team.

So, with legendary artist Jack Kirby, the Fantastic Four were created and the book would become legendary. Their historic 102-issue run led to the creation of numerous comics, cartoons, toys, movies, posters, and countless other products – a true franchise was born. Of course, Kirby, Lee, and other all-time greats would build on this fantastic foundation and create the Mighty Marvel Universe!

So, on behalf of the Comic Booked crew, I would like to congratulate Marvel’s, indeed comic books’, First Family on a fantastic 50 years of action, drama and excitement!

Happy Birthday, Fantastic Four! Stay tuned to Comic Booked as we show some love for the Fantastic Four over the course of the next week!