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Review: Fanboys vs. Zombies #10

Jacob Thomas 01/20/2013 ZDONOTUSE

The FvZ team at BOOM! Studios continues to amaze me with their plethora of humor, action and dramatic outtakes. Fanboys vs. Zombies issue #9 left off with Rob and Burger making their return in very fashionable style. The end of issue #9 sure does show the transformation that time can play on the body and soul by previewing exactly how Rob and Burger change in a very dramatic fashion. Rob and Burger look more muscular with a visual of strong will and determination with their long beards and semi-tactical outfits. Now let’s get into issue #10. This issue leads a bit more into Rob and Burger’s now obviously successful attempt at surviving the zombie apocalypse, so far . . . .

The story begins when Rob and Burger are filled in about the rest of the team’s evacuation plan from San Diego due to the harrowing news of a nuke set to be dropped on San Diego to contain the zombie apocalypse. This issue also begins with a shocker foreshadowing a change in the team dynamics as well, and Rob has lost his arm! Yes, that’s right! Tough guy Rob lost his arm during their escape from the zombies. But how?! Well I will get to that in just a moment, or will I? . . . . Zombie Shark

Rob and Burger make their escape from the zombies by running through a sewer tunnel that leads into the ocean. Rob and Burger both make it to the ocean. However, Burger decides to swim off and leave Rob behind to fend for himself………against a zombie shark! Yes, that’s right! Apparently, marine life can be turned into zombies as well. This begins Rob and Burger’s animosity between each other. And when the situation looked grim for Rob, he pulls out the super sonic screwdriver prop from Dr. Whom (Doctor Who joke!) and stabs the shark in the eye allowing him to be set free. Rob washes up on a beach only to be rescued by a government doctor helping others escape from the zombie apocalypse. That’s not how Rob lost his arm though. From this point forward in this issue, we get to see a lot more dramatic happenstance between the team including Rob and Burger when Burger just happens to show up at the same location where Rob washed up. The FvZ team continues to throw in a little humor here and there allowing for this title to stick to its roots of comedy and horror at the same time. At this point, whilst Rob is telling the story about their survival, there’s never any shortage of Amanda chiming in adding a little humor to how Rob had lost his arm.

As Rob and Burger were about to make their escape via helicopter from Tijuana, Mexico, Rob and Burger’s tension towards each other flourished greatly ultimately resulting in Burger jumping in the helicopter and the pilot taking off. Rob was left to fend for himself when he then decides to jump and grab a hold of the landing brackets throwing off the balance of the helicopter. Now I’m sure you’re all screaming at the computer, wondering how Rob lost his arm. Well do not fear because in the next scene. . . .

When the helicopter was thrown off-balance, the pilot threatened to shoot Rob resulting in Burger’s accident prone self being flung forward – hitting the pilot and resulting in the helicopter crashing and crushing into Rob’s right arm. No, that’s not how he lost his arm though. So by now zombies are filing in from everywhere and Burger is doing his best to fend off the zombies with a machete until Rob can get himself unstuck. Burger had a difficult choice to make – run and save himself (again) and let the zombies eat his best friend, or be overrun by zombies resulting in both of them being eaten. Well, Burger’s choice was a very shocking one. Sadly, this article will not feature any more spoilers so I highly suggest picking up Fanboys Vs. Zombies #10 to see for yourself!

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  1. Scorp_Moonopoly 01/20/2013 at 4:04 am

    Dr. Whom made me laugh more than it should have.

  2. jeffhillwriter 01/24/2013 at 2:33 am

    Nice to see that this title is still ridiculous. In a good way.

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