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FAN PROFILE: The Irredeemable Shag

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Hi everyone! I have a great  Fan Profile for you :) While searching the web for Brightest Day information I came across The Irredeemable Shag and his site Firestorm Fan :

I love everything about Shag’s site! I have to admit that I’m more of a creator fan than character fan. I love Batman but if there isn’t a good writing/artistic team on the book I don’t read it. I was impressed with Shag’s devotion to Firestorm and how he continues to support the character through all it’s incarnations. So of course I asked him for an interview.

Thanks for the Interview! Tell me why Firestorm? what is it about the character you enjoy?

I’ve been a fan of the character since 1984.  I was immediately drawn to the character’s sense of fun, both in his dialogue and usage of powers.  When Gerry Conway created Firestorm(along with Al Milgrom), he relied heavily on his experience writing the wise-cracking Spider-Man.  Firestorm always had a joke or a smart alec comment during battles with his foes.

Another trademark of Firestorm was that he never used his powers in a subtle way. Always flash, never subdued. Also fascinating to me is the dual personality of the character. Firestorm seems to work best when his two halves are in conflict. Oh yeah, on the most superficial of levels I gotta say the flaming hair totally rocks!

What medium did you first find Firestorm? Comics? Cartoon?

I first heard of firestorm on the Super Friends cartoon. When he joined the cast of the series they made a big splash entrance for him. At age 12, I was fascinated by the characters dual nature and his near-limitless powers. After seeing him on TV, I immediately ran out and bought a few issues of his monthly comic. Then I jumped into Crisis on Infinite Earths and I was a lost cause after that.

I like how you support all incarnations of the Firestorm character on your blog. Is there one team that is your favorite?

While I enjoy each incarnation of Firestorm, my personal favorite is the classic version featuring Ronnie Raymond and Professor Martin Stein during the Fury of Firestorm Series. Gerry Conway’s writing along with pencils by Pat Broderick and later Raphael Kayanan- awesome stuff!

What is your favorite Firestorm collectible or comic book?

Wow, it’s hard to pick just one Id have to go with the 1985  Super Powers  Firestorm action figure:

This figure is still really popular with old school fans.It was the first piece of Firestorm merchandise, outside of the comics themselves. The best thing about the figure was that it actually looked like Firestorm! Crazy, I know! That’s saying a lot given that many action figures back then barely resembled their source material.

What  upcoming  Firestorm product, or comic are you most excited for?

There is a Brightest Day Firestorm action figure scheduled for an April release that I’m pretty interested in.  They did a great job capturing  Scott Clark’s  pencils in this figure. I’m also  really enjoying Firestorm’s appearances in the Brightest Day comic. I can’t wait to see where it all goes. There are rumors of Firestorm getting his own ongoing  title after Brightest Day. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

How often do you work on your blog?

I try to post a least twice a week. I consider posting more but a couple of things hold me back. Spending time with my family and work. Second, I’m fearful if I committed to posting more frequently it would begin to feel like a chore. Right now it’s a complete blast posting  Firestorm items. I’d like to keep it that way.

I know from your blog Once Upon A Geek that you are a fan of other comics, what are some of  the books on your pull list?

On a monthly basis, I still collect  the various Avengers books, Brightest Day, Doctor Who, Fantastic Four, Flash, The Justice League, New Mutants and Teen Titans. Some trades I’ve recently enjoyed : The many Armors of Iron Man, Queen &Country vol.1, The Essential Man Thing and Madame Xanadu.  I’ve been collecting comics for nearly 30 years. I’m confident I’ll be reading comics until I die.  It’s an interesting time to be a collector with so many options in front of us:  the monthlies, trade paperbacks, and the evolving digital formats.  That’s pretty exciting for this old collector!

Thanks so much Shag! :)

Be sure to check shag out at


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