Whether you like it or love it, Cyclops has evolved –  not only has he evolved from being the number one most hated X-Man, he has evolved to being one of the most entertaining characters in the X-Men universe. The days of him being Charles Xavier’s golden boy are a thing of the past – the guy who followed everything in the rulebook has  matured as he decided to follow a new dream. This is what has become of the ex-Boy Scout, who has been tweaked to near perfection. Make no mistake about it, this man is slowly becoming something else entirely –  he is the leader of the X-Men and he is doing things his way now: no Xavier’s dream, no protecting humans, just ensuring mutant survival.

In the midst of this awesome character transformation, one man has grown to respect him more than ever before - Wolverine.  From the looks of it, Wolverine is about to realize Cyclops is turning into an even bigger monster than he ever thought possible.

Wolverine and Cyclops have never really seen eye to eye, but they have developed a kind of ‘friendship’ over the years regardless of rivalry.   It is ironic that through out Wolverine and Cyclops team tenure together, they usually clashed over rules (or girls).  But those days are coming to an end.   Cyclops is becoming more and more similar to a certain arch-nemesis and I’m predicting that Wolverine is about to become (more so) the man who realizes what Scott is becoming.  If recent rumors are true then the X-Men will be splitting into two teams, and I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts those teams comprise of one being Team Cyclops, the other being Team Wolverine. Perhaps Xavier’s dream will be reborn…

“The previously announced X-Men Prelude miniseries written by Paul Jenkins will be renamed X-Men: Prelude to Schism and kick off the event in May, with four issues drawn by different artists that each follow one of the four most influential members of the team, Professor X, Cyclops, Wolverine and Magneto. Robert De La Torre will draw the first issue, with Laurence Campbell coming on for the second issue.”

“When we started talking with Paul about doing something, it wasn’t what you’re about to see,” explained Nick Lowe. “Paul pulled something out of the air that tied in with what we were planning… What Paul is doing is for the fans. He’s digging into the four main X-Dudes: Xavier, Magneto, Cyclops and Wolverine and each of their point of views. It really focuses on Cyclops and how everyone sees him.”

- Marvel Press Release

While there are websites out there that are claiming that Cyclops will be on the side of Xavier’s dream, while Wolverine will be on a path similar to Magneto’s dream, I just don’t see that happening.   Keep in mind I am not saying that Cyclops won’t some day return to the belief that Xavier’s dream of coexistence is the right thing to do, but I don’t see it happening starting in May.  If anyone is going to be jumping on that bandwagon it’s Wolverine, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Storm jump on his bandwagon as well.   This epic new journey for our beloved X-Men not only sounds intriguing but it has the potential to be as big of a game changer as House of  M.