Your deadline is today… Everyday. How’s that for pressure?

OK, it’s not air traffic control or a brain surgery, it’s cartooning, but still, it’s a lot of pressure. Your readers, whether you have ten or ten million people following your comic,  expect to have a new comic everyday at your website.

So that’s what Everything Daily is about, creating a webcomic on a daily basis.

Let me introduce myself. You already know my name is Bill. I’m the creator of The Drive In. It’s a webcomic about two guys that commute together and their lives.

Let’s get started…

An idea. A concept. A theme. You need this first. This seems obvious, but let’s really think about this. I’ve had dozens of ideas for comic books, animated shows, movies, books, games, pretty much anything really that might entertain people, but all of these ideas fell short of entertaining me for any great length of time, usually forgetting about them by the next day. So getting an idea that sustains your interest, as a creator doesn’t come easy. If you’re not stoked about it, no one else will be either.

When I lived and worked in Toronto, life was what it was. When I moved to the suburbs though, things changed a little for me, I still worked in the city but now I would have to commute. I had two options; Commuter Train or carpool. I choose to carpool. A co-worker of mine, who I will call Chris, lived not too far from me and he seemed like an OK guy, so we decided to try the commute.

During the drive in to the city, you have three options to pass the time; talk, listen to the radio, or sit in silence, usually all three happen on any given trip. If you’re the passenger, there might be more options, but they are still limited, so those three activities became the recipe for our commute.

About now you’re seeing the inspiration for The Drive In. Commuting is something that a lot of people do everyday and I was starting to realize the entertainment potential here. Commuting was the center to build characters around and actual premise of commuting entertainment hasn’t been done to death. In fact, it’s been done very little. This was starting to look very promising.

It’s been said a zillion times to write what you know and until you start writing, you don’t believe it. All of a sudden, I knew commuting and this was something I could actually write about. Not only was it something I could write about, better yet, it was something that was writing itself. I was living it, my resource for material was never ending.

This idea/concept/theme was something that I was interested in the next day, the day after that, and the day after that. This was starting to look like something I could really do. Something I would stick with. This was something that I was stoked about, and maybe others would be too.