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Yes, more perspective, but this last bit of information is the missing link that you need to take your drawings to the next level. Once you’ve mastered the basics of drawing boxes, you are going to want to start turning those boxes into things. Like maybe a high-rise building with lots of windows or a long fence running the length of your street, but things aren’t looking right just yet. I’ve got perspective drawing techniques that are going to solve a lot of your drawing problems.

Last week I gave you the big secret: eyeball-it! This is my preferred method and I’ll tell you why. I’m not making technical drawings, I’m not detailing trips to Mars, I’m drawing cartoons, it’s meant to be fun and if it’s not perfect, that’s OK. However, sometimes you are required to be more exact than eyeballing-it will allow. To do this, you need to be able to find the middle of whatever you are drawing and you need to be able to draw circles in perspective.

In this 5 step illustration, I’ll walk through the steps of finding the center of a surface. The first 2 steps have been cover, so I’ll skip to step 3. From the top-left corner of your surface, draw a line to the bottom-right corner and draw a line from the bottom-left corner to the top-right corner making an X on your surface. The center of this X is the center of your surface. Notice that it doesn’t visually appear to really be halfway between fence post 1 and fence post 2, it appears to be a little closer to fence post 2, but this is the true center of this surface. You can add a third fence post here and start again. In the two new sections you have just made, find the center of these two surfaces and you can do this as many times as you need, always getting your new post in the center of each new section. This can be use to draw any object; fences, buildings or the grills on your BBQ.

Circles in perspective are ovals. Great, the mystery is solved. However, ovals that aren’t in perspective look Wonky and will ruin your whole drawing. It makes the tires on cars look the car has a broken axel and your columns and pillars look like they are going to fall over. So it’s important to learn this one and it’s one of the most difficult perspective techniques to get right.

The good news is; a circle does fit where a square should be; exactly where a square should be. Start by drawing a square in perspective. I’m sorry, I don’t have a magic formula for drawing squares and so what should we do? Eyeball-it! I’ll look for the square formula and share it if I find it. After you’ve drawn your square, find the middle using the technique I just showed you and cut your circle as shown. You should now have eight triangles. A circle in perspective will touch the front and back and both sides of your square exactly in the center of each side. Now, you are just going to round off the corners and -BOOM!- you’re done.

This is a tough one and will require a lot of practice. Drawing perspective circles alone as shown in the illustration isn’t too difficult, however when you incorporate them into your scenes, it starts getting tricky. However, once you master this, you’ll be able to draw any tube like object, tires, door knobs, drink glasses in any position in space.Over the last five weeks or so, I’ve given you a lot of basic Perspective Drawing Techniques, and I think this is all the basics. Everything else from here is based on what I’ve showed you. My comic, The Drive In is a fairly simple looking comic, but I use all these Basic Perspective Tricks all the time. Have fun drawing!

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